Julie & Dean

Congrats to Julie & Dean! This is another late weekend post, but hey… as long as I don’t wait until the following weekend, I figure I’m okay. =)

On Friday, we had a lot of people play tower defense (I think it was nine) which was pretty fun and we finally beat the map we were playing really late at night (2AM?). I hear the StarCraft 2 map editor is ridiculously powerful, so I’m somewhat anxious to see what people come up with with that. Maybe I should actually preorder a copy…

Saturday, Julie & Dean got married! Melissa came along which made this her first wedding. Sam officiated with the “powers invested in him.” Here are some pics:

Julie and Dean Wedding 002 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 003 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 005 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 006 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 012 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 015 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 017 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 024 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 026 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 033 (by owiber)

Julie and Dean Wedding 034 (by owiber)

The rest are on flickr as usual.

On Sunday, I finished setting up a photo book in Aperture and ordered it through Apple. It was a bit pricey, but it’ll probably be worth it if the quality is pretty good as it was pretty convenient and gives me a good way to get physical copies of my photos. I’m somewhat anxiously waiting for it to arrive…

Of course, we watched the Lost finale as well. I’m a bit tired of talking about it so I won’t really. I would say the finale didn’t ruin the series for me, but I wasn’t really impressed with it either. That’s all ya get!

I know it's late

So I’m making this weekend post late. Blablabla… =p

I felt like the weekend went by pretty fast this time, probably because I went to sleep really late (or rather, really early in the morning) on Saturday and woke up at around 3:30PM. I started hacking through video from the Key West trip and ended up with the following, which you should probably not watch if you are easily offended. ;)

I decided to register Samitic.us for similar antics in the future (I have a few plans…), but for now it’s relatively bare. I think I finished the night by watching Running Man at Chancy’s, but I also might have my days mixed up… this is probably why I should blog about the weekend sooner. =p

On Sunday, I went to Vox and they had some baptisms. I took some photos, but I haven’t processed them yet (soon, I promise!). After that, we got BBQ from a school bus (it was called Old School BBQ, har har) then I went home and napped for a while. I don’t remember what I did after that…

Key West Day 4

We got back to Austin on day four of our Key West trip, cutting it a bit close to our JetBlue flight. It was my first time flying with them and I was pretty pleased. We managed to find $10 ($21 after all the associated fees) flights back to Austin direct from Ft. Lauderdale, so we did that and cancelled our Continental flights. $21 is worth going direct and not having a long layover in Houston. We got back nearly six hours earlier than we would’ve, so that was cool.

I think these two photos are from day three, but oh well. I didn’t take any on day four.

Here are some chickens that lived around our house:

Key West 178 (by owiber)

And here’s Nathan’s sunburn from wearing his cap:

Key West 179 (by owiber)

Peace out, yos!

Key West Day 3

The day isn’t over, but here are some pics so far (also includes a few shots from last night). Also, I forgot to note that on day one, Andrew and I got Sam to take off his pants in the ocean and wave them above his head. Today, I got some photos of Samoonie (you can guess what that is)… but I made them private to spare the children. Let me know if you’d like a copy though, haha… ;)

Key West 126 (by owiber)

Key West 127 (by owiber)

Key West 128 (by owiber)

Key West 136 (by owiber)

Key West 142 (by owiber)

Key West 144 (by owiber)

Key West 146 (by owiber)

Key West 148 (by owiber)

Key West 155 (by owiber)

Key West 157 (by owiber)

Key West 158 (by owiber)

Key West 165 (by owiber)

Key West 166 (by owiber)

Key West 169 (by owiber)

Key West 173 (by owiber)

We came out of the fishing trip with a dozen fishies. Yay!

Key West Day 2

We went snorkeling/diving today and bummed around for a while. That’s all you get from me! You’ll have to live with photos. =)

Key West 090 (by owiber)

Key West 091 (by owiber)

Key West 098 (by owiber)

Key West 099 (by owiber)

Here’s a really flattering photo of Sam… I found the wide lens really accentuates his “features.”

Key West 101 (by owiber)

Key West 102 (by owiber)

Key West 113 (by owiber)

Key West 121 (by owiber)

Key West 122 (by owiber)

Here’s Nancy thinking again:

Key West 123 (by owiber)

Key West Day 0+1

I’m not going to blog much, but here are a bunch of photos! I tried to make more of an effort to take photos of myself this time around as I’ve noticed I’ve had a severe lack of those… =)

Key West 012 (by owiber)

Key West 024 (by owiber)

Key West 027 (by owiber)

Key West 030 (by owiber)

Key West 031 (by owiber)

Key West 049 (by owiber)

Key West 057 (by owiber)

Key West 072 (by owiber)

Key West 075 (by owiber)

Key West 080 (by owiber)

Key West 082 (by owiber)

Key West 083 (by owiber)

Key West 086 (by owiber)

I’ll post more tomorrow! I have a lot of video as well, but I’m going to wait until I get home to get through that. The rest of the photos from day 0+1 are here. I also started a Pink Stuff set! (Thanks, Melissa, for the idea =)).

Kat took this photo while we were on the beach. It’s awesome… so I’m going to use it as the thumbnail for this post.

Bazaarvoice at the Salt Lick

As I’m sure many of you know, Bazaarvoice has a quarterly all-hands where we used to pile everyone into an Alamo Drafthouse, eat, drink, and listen to groups present on how they did during the quarter and what they plan to do in the next. This all-hands was special for a few reasons. One, it’s BV’s fifth anniversary and second, it was the first we had at the Salt Lick because we’ve grown too large for the Drafthouse. I thought this all-hands was particularly enjoyable with great presentations, cover songs by our tongue-in-cheek dubbed “BandVoice,” and topped off by our second Bazaarvoice Film Festival.

Here are a few pics from the today:

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 002 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 013 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 027 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 033 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 048 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 047 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 098 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 101 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 105 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 124 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 122 (by owiber)

BV All-Hands - Salt Lick - May10 165 (by owiber)

I got a new hat! This is good because my old Linux Tux one is a bit worn and it shrunk when I washed it (shouldn’t have machine dried it…) making it not as comfy. One good thing about BV is they don’t get skimpy on their free stuff - t-shirts and now, this cap, are of quality. =)

Tomorrow, more partying at Volente then I fly out to the Keys! Woooooo!

This following photo was from earlier this week on “crazy hat day.” Thanks to Eric for letting me borrow it!

EOQ Madness

Bazaarvoice’s end of quarter was this past Friday and it was crazy. One part of our craziness is we go absolutely insane with the color green (increasingly more so as the last day in the quarter approaches):

BV Sea of Green

Our sales team rocked it this quarter and whooped their goal on the last day. I had to leave early on Friday, but I hear they got sand and beer to have a boat/beach themed party on the top of the parking garage… haha.

Friday night, I went to Orange & White with Melissa. I figured I would feel old, but that feeling wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be (probably since I had never been to O&W before). I’m kind of a lame date to a dance (especially with an ankle that limits certain movement), but Melissa put up with me. =p

Before the dance, we went to dinner at the Belmont which was okay (I wouldn’t have any urges to go again). Atmosphere was not bad, though. I think the Spazmatics were playing next door, so there was some sweet 80’s music going on. BV would be happy that we were still sporting green throughout the night (okay, that wasn’t exactly intentional).

O&W 002

I hear the dance was scaled down this year and there was only one ice sculture… here it is in all its glory (not sure how glorious it is, but if it has any, it’s all in this photo):

O&W 009

Saturday, I did a lot of nothing. The marketing department at BV gave me a $50 AMEX gift certificate for loaning them my 5DMII, so I headed to Fry’s in an attempt to spend it. I was thinking of getting Entourage, but they didn’t have it. I thought about Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30 Rock as well, but the prices were so much higher than Amazon, that I decided not to. I walked out with the $50 untouched. Fry’s fail. After that, there was dinner and dessert with Ryan, his parents, and some of the BV gang. I took a few pics, but they didn’t turn out so great, so I won’t be posting them. =p

Sunday, I got my hair cut, watched 500 Days of Summer and ate mangos.