Making the MakerBot

Last week, Andrew cryptically scheduled Ryan for a day of something. No one really knew what Andrew was up to, so we weren’t sure whether Ryan would be alive after that day. Turns out, Andrew bought the parts to assemble a MakerBot, so Mark, Andrew and Ryan set out to make the MakerBot so they could make other stuff. Oh… Sam joined for a brief period of time.

They finished really early this morning, but I took a few photos last night. I played around with the processing a bit… hope it’s not annoying. ;)

Making the MakerBot 003

Making the MakerBot 004

Making the MakerBot 008

Making the MakerBot 010

Making the MakerBot 016

Making the MakerBot 021

Making the MakerBot 023

Making the MakerBot 028

Making the MakerBot 029


Okay, it’s a bit late, but here are photos from Chicago. We’ll start off with some from Alinea, which was pretty ridiculous. I’d consider going again in a few years, definitely.

Chicago 013

Chicago 016

Chicago 018

This was my favorite:

Chicago 020

The dessert was pretty crazy. I don’t even know what was in it.

Chicago 044

It was pretty cold… I think when we got in it was somewhere in the lower teens.

Chicago 051

Chicago 052

We went to the John Hancock Observatory which was pretty cool. Nice view of the city.

Chicago 055

Chicago 056

Chicago 059

Chicago 061

I think this one is funny because it looks like an ad photo.

Chicago 062

The day after Alinea, we went to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, which was pretty awesome. This is the same restaurant I went to in Las Vegas.

Chicago 069

After that, we had stuffed pizza and Chinese:

Chicago 071

Chicago 081

Chicago 082

Chicago 083

The next day, we had brunch and italian and visited The Bean:

Chicago 087

Chicago 088

Chicago 089

Chicago 096

Chicago 098

Chicago 099

Chicago 100

The last day… I don’t remember the place. It was good but not memorable. It did have wood ice-cream though.

Chicago 104

Chicago 106

Chicago 108

We also…

  • Saw Les Misérables, which was enjoyable.

  • Saw a small play that was put together with various real love/break-up letters. It was amusing.

Chicago Eve

Tomorrow, I fly to Chicago and eat at Alinea! WooOoOooOOoo!

I ordered a suit from Banana Republic because apparently no one likes to stock 36R’s in their actual stores. I think it ended up fitting rather well (at least better than the very very few 36R’s I did manage to find locally).

I was debating about whether or not to take photos of my food at Alinea, but now I think I will. The most convincing reason? To make my sister jealous. HAHAHAHA.