flickr stats

I know I’m a little late to this, but I just finally activated my flickr stats yesterday. It’s about time, flickr! One of the main features the stats introduce is being able to figure out how that one picture with 10x as many views as the rest is getting that way. Everyone with a pro account can activate it and you should do so asap because some data gets erased after a certain period of time if you don’t have stats activated (namely, referrers).

Plus, there’s nifty looking line graphs. Mmmm, line graphs.

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I setup studio lights to capture my family’s presents opening and my mom playing drums on Rock Band. I think they turned out well. Pics to follow…

Oh yeah… and congrats to Grant and Melissa! Thanks for having me shoot your wedding!


The rest here.

Truluck's and Red Herring

Nothing much, just a few small updates. =)

So my team at Bazaarvoice hit our stretch goals and were rewarded with a scrumptious meal at Truluck’s. That was pretty cool.


We were also named one of the Global Top 100 Tech Startups by Red Herring. I’m not entirely sure what criteria they used (looks like not raw worth in cash, since Facebook didn’t make it), but we’re on the list along with Mozilla, Wikia, and others I don’t know much about. =) Another award we recently got was a Top Tech Innovation award from the Austin Business Journal. It’s pretty cool working at such an awesome company… we just need more people!

And… a pretty belated virtual happy birthday to my sister who I just recently purchased a belated gift for. =p