There comes a time...

…in every young man’s life where he must go out and find himself…by building a new computer. Now most of you have seen my first computer, it is well…if anything… it is/was a project. I mean come on, a k6/II just can’t cut it for even the simplest cough of games such as CounterStrike! So without further adue I would like to make everyone aware of my used up MasterCard credit line! I will soon have around 300 left in credit out of my $1,500 reserve! =) And as always in Ochs style, 2(Athlons +0) is better than one! I present to you…”D-1337”:

  • 1 MSI MB w/ dual Athlon MP 1900+ FSB 200/266mHz
  • 512 Mb PC2100 DDR RAM
  • 60gb Maxtor 7200rpm(not 5400rpm, thas for 1am3rz!) HD
  • 40x CD Burner/ROM/DVD combo!
  • Wow, a 1.44Mb floppy drive.
  • Sound Blaster Live Audio 5.1 SoundCard
  • A nifty aluminum case with a 400watt PS… I think this should be enough! =)
  • Then the usual junk: Mouse, Keyboard, some 1337 USB stuff!

…That should be it…Oh wait a second, I think I forgot something. Darn, I knew I did!

  • 1 GeForce4 4200 Ti… I think you’ve got me convinced Wong! =)

Anyways… now that should be it. This puppy should be debuting at the next LAN party which is slated for the first weekend in June pending approval from my parents. All welcome to attend and try this thing out in 1 round of CS! Catch yall later!


Hey Van!

CompUSA has Jedi Knight II for $35. =)

Hey, I needed to update OWeb… I haven’t really updated in so long, I’ve forgotten what I updated about… heh… time to look at archives…

Anyone up for going to E3 that I/we haven’t talked to yet? IM or email or something me. =)



Try this Soccer thing…

It annoyed me to see the high scores though… how much time do those people have?! And to think about all that time.. WASTED!