Happy Puppy

Happy Puppy

Went to visit the puppy again yesterday, and he was a lot happier/more playful than he was the first time I saw him. Once, he started to pee on the carpet and the girls started yelling at him while I just kinda sat there, haha. Needless to say, Olivia wasn’t too happy with me, but I feel kinda like an uncle that spoils his niece/nephew so I just chuckled. =) He also likes to chew on my foot, which I didn’t mind cause it was kinda cute, but they made me tell him no because it’s a bad habit for him to have. =(

I don’t know how you people write so much on your blogs. I think I have a problem with prompts, if I’m prompted for something, it just wipes out my head as I try to catalog all possible answers and choose the best one, only to not be able to select anything deemed “worthy” a response to the prompt. I guess that’s why I hate it when Nancy says “tell me five interesting things about yourself.” I just don’t know what five things to pick and end up having nothing. Haha…

So, as I sit here looking at this textbox, I see this prompt that says “Your Post:”…

(Maximus) Oink

(Maximus) Oink

Went to visit the sister’s new puppy that was supposed to be a bichon frise/terrier mix, but is obviously not, haha. Anyways, dropped by for a bit to pet the puppy… this one’s gonna be a big one. =) I think I’ll like it more than the stupid one, Oompus too.


Oh fine. Haha… I went to Fiesta Texas today with fellow ERPs and had fun, but it was very tiring. Haha… it is very hot. =( I paid $15 for lunch because amusement parks are like that and $10 for parking. Curses!

I like the Superman ride, but not the Rattler… it is… very shaky. I have no pictures, but I think some people might have some (and I’ll even be in them!) so I may dig them up later. =)

Went back to Nancy and Julie’s at 4 something (got to park at around 9:45) and slept for a long time…

Title Here

Now this post is for Andrew! Andrew finally unveiled his new blog, which was rather unexciting, expecially compared to his previous blog’s unveiling. So, now you can find links to Andrew’s blog on the sidebar. =)

I think there was something I was going to blog about, but I can’t remember… dreams? No… hmmm… well, maybe I’ll remember later.

In other news, waking up feels like breaking through a concrete wall again. =( Man, it was nice being able to wake up easily… I even got a good amount of sleep last night…. hmph.

Yeah, yeah...

This one’s for Kathy because she bugs me that my blog is boring (it is =p), and I have nothing else to do at the moment. =)

I don’t know why I was never really into music in my middle-years (I think I really liked it when I was really small… I have scars to prove it probably =), but I apparently like it a lot now. I think listening to songs is closely tied to emotions that conjure up while listening to those songs… so maybe I just didn’t have enough experiences under my belt until this point to appreciate music. Sometimes I find myself wanting to wander out into some random grassy area, lay on the ground staring into a starry sky and just listen to the many random tunes on my iPod portable music player (I’m not an Apple fanboy ;). I like songs that remind me of middle school, when I was a short dweeby fellow and make me laugh at how horrible I looked. There are songs that are so dramatic, they’re funny and remind me of how people can be such drama-whores sometimes, heh… they make me laugh too. =)

Then, sometimes, there are those songs that are like prayers that make you realize how much you need God… sigh… I need to find that grassy field… =)

Oh yeah, I’m looking for a good digital camera (point and shoot) for times when bringing a DSLR is just not practical… I’m really interested in one that records video into a format that isn’t retarded (i.e. Quicktime’s Motion JPEG) and sucks up a 1GB CF card in 10 minutes. I haven’t been able to find many good ones that encode into MPEG4… guess I’ll have to wait a few months…

Heart House

Heart House

On Thursday, I went to do community service with the other “ERPs“ at the Heart House which is an after-school/daycare type thing for low-income children. I really like this picture I took because (almost) everyone looks so happy, haha.

I wasn’t originally going to go and instead stay at my cube at work, but I really didn’t feel like sitting there the rest of the day (usually doesn’t bother me), so I decided to take it easy and go last minute. Rushed back to the apartment to grab my camera gear and showed up. Little did I realize that kids drain energy from you like no other, haha. Compounded with the fact that I had a 7AM conference call that day, I was completely pooped at the end of the day, but I think this picture makes it all worth it. Yay kids. =)

At one point in our activities, people were throwing water balloons everywhere, and I’m (pleasantly) surprised no one smacked me with my camera. That would not have been cool, but I guess that means I’d just have to get the weather resistant body so that isn’t a problem anymore. =) (j/k)


I’ve been having a much easier time waking up recently than before. Today, I had a 7AM conference to call into and I actually woke up reasonably well for it. Maybe it’s because I’m waking up pretty regularly now or I’m just not sleeping as deeply anymore. I’m not really going to sleep at consistant hours of the night, so I don’t think my body’s quite got a schedule down, but it’s refreshing to not feel like I have to kick down a brick wall to emerge from my slumber.

I remember the many years I knew Van where I never ever actually saw him sleep. I’d always be the one to sleep first and wake up last and he’d be the one whacking me with a pillow or something. Now I always see that lazy bum in bed when I get up (haha, j/k). =)

On a similar note but not nearly as fortunate, I think I messed up my eating schedule with random naps and snacks this last weekend and I’m finally recovering from it. I always get the feeling that I’m hungry, but don’t really feel like eating (the hunger, but not appetite thing) and I feel like not eating shortly after I start eating. Also, towards the end of the meal, every bite is a chore and I have to make an effort to not throw up everywhere, haha. Ok, I think I make it sound worse than it is and I don’t think I’m sick… anyways, it’s fading and I think I’m eating okay now. Really need to find out what’s around my new apartment to eat…

I know this is all very exciting news to you. =)


To counteract the sappiness and sadness of the lyrics previously, I’m going to post Every New Day by FIF again (?) because I actually mean the lyrics, haha:

When I was young, the smallest trick of light,
Could catch my eye,
Then life was new and every new day,
I thought that I could fly.
I believed in what I hoped for,
And I hoped in things unseen,
I had wings and dreams could soar,
I just don’t feel like flying anymore.
When the stars threw down their spears,
Watered Heaven with their tears,
Before words were spoken,
Before eternity.

Dear Father, I need you,
Your strength my heart to mend.
I want to fly higher,
Every new day again.

When I was small, the furthest I could reach,
Was not so high,
Then I thought the world was so much smaller,
Feeling I could fly.
Through distant deeps and skies,
Behind infinity,
Below the face of Heaven,
He stoops to create me.

Dear Father, I need you,
Your strength my heart to mend.
I want to fly higher,
Every new day again.

Man versus himself.
Man versus machine.
Man versus the world.
Mankind versus me.
The struggles go on,
The wisdom I lack,
The burdens keep piling
Up on my back.
So hard to breathe,
To take the next step.
The mountain is high,
I wait in the depths.
Yearning for grace,
And hoping for peace.
Dear God…
Healing hands of God have mercy on our unclean souls once again.
Jesus Christ, light of the world burning bright within our hearts forever.
Freedom means love without condition,
Without a beginning or an end.
Here’s my heart, let it be forever Your’s,
Only You can make every new day seem so new.

Man… what an awesome song.