Oh yea, Wesss i had a dream about u but u were just a blurry figure. Anyway, all of us were going to do something similar to egging a house or TPing..but we had celery sticks and orichette pasta instead. I have no idea what we were planning to do, but i was rudely awoken.



Merry Christmas all! =) I’ve put up the few pics from Grace’s house (Christmas Eve plus a few from last day at Chad’s dorm) here.

Also, after looking at Ochs’ present, I remembered what I usually do during Christmas time that I totally forgot due to… um… I guess having a car and hanging out more outside of my house. =) Well… I suppose OliverWEB won’t be having it’s annual eChristmas Card this year. =( Or maybe I’ll do one, it’ll just be late… really late probably… maybe even after New Years’ late… heh… I do have the time. =)

Well, you can look at 1999‘s and 2000‘s again for the time being. =) Have fun, and again… Merry Christmas! =)



Haha… I had forgotten ALL about this website… =)

Emotion Eric

If you’ve forgotten about it too.. check it out again! =) And especially look at the Hamster dance one at the end of the scroll thing… I liked that one. =)



Lookee I have a subject! Dee ur quote of the month has been there for over a few months now…I just want to bring it to ur attn!