Yes, I turned 27 over the past weekend. I didn’t really do much though… mostly sat around and read. There was some eating involved, though. On Friday, the usual gang went to Austin Land & Cattle, Saturday, I went to Asia Cafe with the family. Then finally on Sunday, Heather arranged for a small birthday thingy with a few peeps at Eddie V’s, then we went to a couple of coffee shops until we found one that was open and not packed.

Did something else happen? I can’t remember anymore… oh, I have cancelled my WoW account and we played Heroes of Newerth instead last night.

Oh yeah, and Melissa made me a website in the fashion of Andrew Approved: Things Owiber Wuvs!

Baby beluga, oh baby beluga

On Friday, the Technical Services and Design Services teams went to SeaWorld. Woo! It was my first time there… here are some photos:

BV TS DS SeaWorld 001

BV TS DS SeaWorld 017

BV TS DS SeaWorld 014

I also finally uploaded some photos I took of Oriana’s dorm room. She’s got this thing for Edward, apparently… it’s a little creepy.

Oriana Loves Twilight 001

On Saturday, we played the usual ultimate game… I don’t think anyone was seriously injured this time. I watched Equilibrium which I recently purchased on blu-ray with Mark and Ryan, then hung out at Chad and Nancy’s for a long long time.

I think Sunday was fairly mellow… as was Monday where we had the usual WoW night with some DotA splashed in. We finally beat Sindragosa! That cursed dragon… Greg cooked for us and it was tasty.

Oh yes, and on sister-site, Samiticus, the Sam Ni fan site, apparently Viraj has struck again!

Last minute!

Woaah, I just realized I haven’t made a post for last week yet and this next weekend is fast approaching!

About the only thing I can remember is I played ultimate. Oh… and I helped Melissa move into her new apartment. I guess that’s about it. I should really write these things closer to when they happen. =P

This past week, we made many more failed attempts at Sindragosa (we’re giving up for now and resetting for next week to try again at a later point). I’ve also been meaning to make some more Samiticus posts, as I have material, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow. Earlier today (well, Thursday), BV just had our latest all-hands at the Austin Music Hall and I have some entertaining pics I’ll get up shortly (probably by the end of tomorrow).

With that said, on to photo editing! Tata!

Shirtless WoWing

So yesterday we were all minding our own business playing WoW when Sam, who is sitting next to Brook, suddenly exclaims “wow, Brook, have you been working out? It looks like you’ve got a hot bod under that shirt.” Brook blankly stares back at Sam as he goes on “…what would I need to do get you to take it off?” Brook was pretty flabbergasted, but eventually gives in to Sam’s wily ways under the condition that Sam also go shirtless.

Sam happily agrees and I managed to capture the moment with my handy camera. I guess Sam just really wanted some man eye-candy next to him as he tanked ToC. Whatever gives you motivation, I guess, Sammy.


Bruised but not beaten

I somehow bruised the top of one of my knuckles (see pic at end of post) while playing ultimate today, but that’s okay because it was a lot of fun to play again. I’m still getting over a cough, but I managed to play acceptably through it. =)

Tomorrow, Al runs his first marathon! Good luck! In the morning, I’ll be over at Scotty’s along with other BVers to cheer him on at the ~23 mile mark.

Yesterday, I won $223 from being in a money booth. Thanks again, BV! I think I will use the money to EAT FOOD.


“Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the FBI
Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high

Bootlegging boozer on the west side
Full of people who are doing wrong
Just about to call up the DA man
When I heard this woman singing a song” - The Hollies

The District 9 one

I did a lot of bumming around and playing WoW this weekend. I started leveling up my gnome rogue on Illidan, Powderpuff, again… went from 55 to 57. Then, I did a few other random WoW stuff. On Saturday, met up with some of the BV folk to wish farewell to Rebecca as she heads off to our UK office, then I went to see District 9 at the South Lamar Drafthouse. I found it pretty enjoyable though I wish the climax would have been a bit more exhilarating.

I stayed up pretty late on Saturday starting the migration of Owiber.com from Dreamhost to a slice at Slicehost. If you’re reading this, all went well. =) I’m waiting for the NS changes to propagate still, but alas, 1and1 is terrible and it takes forever, so I’m transferring away from them. In the mean time, I’ve created A records at Dreamhost to point to my slice’s IP. Next up, OliverWEB and a few other misc sites…

Sunday was a good deal of bumming too, but I biked over to Chancy’s place and had dinner with them and Chad’s family. Now, I am going to drink a coke. Tata!

For Gnomeregan!

If this is true, then gnomes will be getting their first healing class and that means we’re going back to the Alliance and <Gnome on Gnome on Gnome> shall live again! Oh how I miss Powderpuff and the desire to be healed by my own kind… sure, lifeblooms and earth shields are great and all, but they won’t compare to the awesomeness of being PW:Shielded by a gnome priest.



I made a new Paladin in WoW to level with Brook’s hunter. I did the refer a friend thing so we got 3x the experience when leveling together. I created it on Monday and tonight I’m level 43 with not much effort at all (well, help from the friends). It’s pretty sweet how fast that went. Oh yeah, and his name is Hunkuspocus!