The District 9 one

I did a lot of bumming around and playing WoW this weekend. I started leveling up my gnome rogue on Illidan, Powderpuff, again… went from 55 to 57. Then, I did a few other random WoW stuff. On Saturday, met up with some of the BV folk to wish farewell to Rebecca as she heads off to our UK office, then I went to see District 9 at the South Lamar Drafthouse. I found it pretty enjoyable though I wish the climax would have been a bit more exhilarating.

I stayed up pretty late on Saturday starting the migration of from Dreamhost to a slice at Slicehost. If you’re reading this, all went well. =) I’m waiting for the NS changes to propagate still, but alas, 1and1 is terrible and it takes forever, so I’m transferring away from them. In the mean time, I’ve created A records at Dreamhost to point to my slice’s IP. Next up, OliverWEB and a few other misc sites…

Sunday was a good deal of bumming too, but I biked over to Chancy’s place and had dinner with them and Chad’s family. Now, I am going to drink a coke. Tata!