Vine died a whiles back, but I was out of the blogging mood, so I never mentioned it, but I put my old archived vines here.

They’re nearly all of dogs and/or grumpy Orianas for who knows what reason…


Dang, it’s August already. There’s a lot of moving going on (or about to be). Unless delayed again, it’s looking like to move to Mueller at the end of September and Olivia and Garrick are going to San Francisco. I don’t mind another reason to go back to visit that city. =) We checked out the new Mueller HEB’s cafe their opening weekend and it was decent enough. I could see myself talking a walk there with Mozilla frequently, especially once the weather isn’t so scorching. Viraj and I have some tentative plans to get wasted there cause it’d be hilarious.

Ryan’s decided to take a gig at Mozilla, which is pretty sweet for him, but it’s unfortunate that my time working with him again will only be 1.5 months. =p Right before I started at MR, I took a trip to San Francisco to do some hanging out with recent ex-coworkers and just chill. In a rare occurrence, I decided not to take my DSLR and man did it make a difference walking around. I felt so much lighter! I don’t think this means I won’t bring it with me on future trips, but I’ve pics of SF enough and plan on coming back many times in the future, so I figured I’d be lazy. Here are some randoms from my iPhone though:

Coffee time:
Coffee time!

My parents used to own an ice cream shop around this area and I have multiple baby pics here. Always fun to return, and this time there was actually water running:
Why hello there, familiar face.

More childhood nostalgia:
Memory lane @livizilla

Love this stuff:
Ahh memories

Oriana recently got the dogs some cow hoof to chew on at Andrew’s suggestion and this resulted in the first time I’ve had to break up a Mozilla and Badger fight. I’m pretty sure Badger started it, but maybe I’m biased. =) They’re normally pretty good though:

This past Friday I went to Town Lake (yes, I’ll still call it that) with the MR crew for their “fantastic friday” and took Mozilla along with me. He spent a decent amount of time looking at some large turtles:
Mozilla checking out a big turtle


I guess I should post something before January is gone!

First, I got Oriana a puppy. He had a cool name at the humane society, Thor, but she changed it to Badger.

Badger 022

Badger 011

This guy also got Mozilla sick, but he’s getting over it now. He’s also very fat, and looks like he’s always sad. He seems like a pretty fun puppy though. Here are a few more photos of the little punk:

Badger 010

Badger and Mozilla 015

Badger and Mozilla 013

Badger and Mozilla 007


Badger and Mozilla 008

In other news, I am taking a six week sabbatical from Bazaarvoice and helping out the crew at Greater Good Labs. It’s bittersweet as the team I’m leaving is super great, but I’m looking forward to helping start something new. Super kudos to BV for giving me the opportunity to take some time away.

It’s been about a month and a week and I’m still sitting at about half a tank of gas. Given this, I think even when I do need to fill up, I’m not going to fill up all the way. Pretty pleased with the Volt so far. I did the calculation and during the winter, it’s probably around 65 cents to charge up all the way. In the summer, it’ll probably be around $1.

With that, I will leave you with this:


Doh, I’ve fallen behind on blogging again. Well, here are some pics from last month when Olivia and Garrick came down to visit with their doggies:

July Weekend 001

July Weekend 004

July Weekend 007

July Weekend 010

July Weekend 019

July Weekend 021

Dark Knight Rises was good, but unfortunately not as good as Dark Knight. Not surprising, but I had my hopes up. I went to the marathon showing with Chad and Mikey and I guess Dark Knight is a pretty tough act to follow. I plan on seeing it again in IMAX and potentially enjoying it more the second time now that I know what to expect. My initial reaction - I wish they dropped the whole Bane backstory and instead spent that time on the Batman sidekicks. I felt like they spread themselves a bit too thin and spent time on inconsequential stuff while not enough time on parts that could have been really awesome. Anyways, it certainly was no Spiderman 3 or X-Men 3, so can’t complain that much I suppose. =) But darn it, I really wanted to be bawling at the end of this movie!

I’ve gotten an interesting spike of recruiters from the west coast contacting me via LinkedIn recently. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it’s nice to know my profile is appealing I guess. ;)

At the end of the month, it’s WEST COAST ROAD TRIP TIME!

July 4

Rather uneventful July 4th, I suppose. Hung out at the Oches with a few others. The dogs tired themselves out good. =) Here are some photos, and some from previous play dates.

Little Miles:

DogsDogsDogs 001

Mozilla on the hunt:

DogsDogsDogs 003

Almost ready to pounce:

DogsDogsDogs 004

“Oh noes! I’ve been spotted!”

DogsDogsDogs 005

DogsDogsDogs 008

DogsDogsDogs 014

DogsDogsDogs 015

DogsDogsDogs 019

DogsDogsDogs 023

DogsDogsDogs 024

DogsDogsDogs 027

DogsDogsDogs 032

July 4 2012 009

July 4 2012 013

July 4 2012 012

Here’s Sam checking out Weishan:

July 4 2012 010

Here’s Chad feeding Nancy my new MacBook Pro:

July 4 2012 011

Speaking of my new MacBook Pro, the retina screen is pretty awesome. Recommended++.

Oh, and…

Overdue Pics and Stuff

Ok, as promised, here are some of those puppy pics:

More Ally Bro 005

More Ally Bro 006

More Ally Bro 009

More Ally Bro 011

More Ally Bro 013

More Ally Bro 016

More Ally Bro 029

Also, these earrings that I ordered a while ago came in:

Chomp chomp earings! They're not for me, but they were so awesome I had to buy them. Hopefully'll make a good gift for a potential misses.

They’re NOT for me, but they were too awesome for me not to get. I’m guessing they’ll go to some lucky nerd girl at some point, haha.

This past week, I gave a demo to the entire company, which is quite a lot of people now. It thankfully went well, which was awesome because the demo crashed and burned at the dry-run we had, but I guess that’s why you have dry-runs. =) I’m generally not nervous when presenting on topics I’m knowledgeable about, but now that we’re a couple hundred people and presentations like this are more of a production, I was really feeling the pressure. Like I said, it went well though, so I’ve got nothing to complain about. =)

Rapid fire news!

  • I ordered a new MacBook Pro (retina, of course).

  • Sam decided to introduce me to new people. ;)

  • Mozilla’s been farting a lot today. Think I’m going to switch to another brand of food.

  • Viraj ditched us this weekend for his cousins, who I guess he’s contracted Sam’s issue because according to Andrew, he’s really flirty with them. =)

  • BV All-Hands and TXJS

Oh, and I guess I’ll steal this from Oriana:


Argh, I’m starting to fall behind on blogging again.

I’ve been pretty busy recently. The new team I’m on at BV has me pumped up. I’m having the most fun I’ve had in a while. Great team and exciting work. I spent most of this past weekend working on various coding projects (not necessarily BV related). It’s been a goal of mine to write more open-source code and this past week I managed to send some code to a project and I wrote my own simple JS validation library (still rather immature). I called it TooLegit, haha. ;) Looking forward to writing more.

Last weekend, I also participated in RHoK Austin, which was fun.

Chad and Nancy got a new golden puppy, which has yet to be named. Here’s a video of Mozilla playing with it:

I’ve got some pics… they’re on Facebook right now. I’ll send them to Flickr and post them here later.

Photo Update

Okay, I finally went through a few photos. Here’re some of Mozilla from the new food trailer park where the Buffet Palace burned down:

MozAndMomoDay 002

MozAndMomoDay 003

Here’s the Mother’s Day gift I made my mom:

MozAndMomoDay 006

BV treated me to a fancy dinner, so I took Oriana to Uchi this past weekend. Here are some of my favorite dishes:

UchiWithOriana 001

UchiWithOriana 005

UchiWithOriana 006

UchiWithOriana 013

UchiWithOriana 015

Here’s Oriana:

UchiWithOriana 008

UchiWithOriana 011

UchiWithOriana 012


Dog Park

I had planned on doing some work this past weekend (yeah, I know, I’m lame sometimes :-)), but after about an hour or two of coding, I took Mozilla to Tacodeli for lunch:

Chilling with Mozilla at tacodeli

Then, I went to the park near my house and got some shaved ice. When I was parking, I saw a guy in something that looked like a robe, which I thought was a bit weird cause it was fairly warm outside. I should have known something was up at this point, but I continued to get my shaved ice when I noticed that the dude in question and his group of friends had started LARPing. =(

@&$#%!! LARPing at my neighborhood park. Time to get out of here.

I left, then, but decided that the day was too nice to waste inside, so I gathered up Ally, Sydney, and their respective owners and headed to a dog park in Pflugerville, which sounds farther away than it was I think. Anyways, here are some pics:

Dog Park 001

Dog Park 002

Dog Park 006

Dog Park 007

Dog Park 008

Dog Park 014

Dog Park 019

Dog Park 021

Aww, dog buddies:

Dog Park 024

Jonney got Mozilla a huge rawhide bone a while back, here’s a pic of that:

He'll get it all eventually


Mozilla and Ally

Ally is probably Mozilla’s best dog friend. They play all the time and play for forever. Here are pics I mentioned a while back but just got around to uploading to flickr.

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 010

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 004

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 011

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 014

Two nights ago, Mozilla must have eaten something bad cause he kept on throwing up. I had thought he was over it, so I let him on my bed but shortly after, he threw up on my pillow/bed, so I had to remove the sheets and switch to my backup:

Mozilla threw up on my bed at 3:30am, so I've got to use the spare blankets/sheets... :p

I think I may be in the market for another house near the end of the year. Started to browse available ones just to get a feel for things again. A little excited about it (but not looking forward to the moving or the paperwork =/).