aahhuumm*clears throat*Attention:

Who: Everyone that has a computer…don’t invite too many now..lol

What: Big American Lan Party II

Where: Ochs’ Dad’s house(Do I own my Dad? Not sure on the punctuationon there…)

When: Friday(7:30pm) - Sunday(Noon), May 31 - June 2

How: Umm…by computer, CAT-5, and CS!

Why: If you need a response on this one, please, don’t come! =)

FYI: We need food. Everyone try to bring something. Also, as many computers as we can possibly get would be nice. Also, if you have extra Cat-5, power strps, hubs, etc… please bring them. If you are staying over, you might want to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. I think thats about it, oh yeah…gamecube gear might also be fun! =)



I coulda slept in late today… but bah, I wasn’t told that I only had to go to work at 2PM. Oh well, I guess I have time to do other stuff now…

ACC Physics better be easy… =)



Attack of the clones...

Ok…well.. I just saw the first showing of the movie in Austin, well technically it was the 3rd, 12:03AM, anyways, IT ROCKED! I don’t care what the reviews said. The graphics were tight, the story was tight, and the character development really helped make 4,5, and 6 more real. Anyways, I am going to see this one again! Just thought ya’ll should know that it is worth spending the money on. The only bad news was NO MATRIX II PREVIEW! =( But oh well, watching Yoda kick some butt was fun! Catch ya’ll later, I have work in less than 6 hours now! =)