I’ve only been to a handful of concerts in my life and most of them I just go to tag along. Despite living in Austin, I’m not much of a live music guy. That said, there has only been one band to make me do something like drive to snowy Denver in November with a group of friends and then immediately back in order to be at their last show. That band was Five Iron Frenzy back in 2003. Unfortunately, I only remember a little bit of the trip. Being really cold outside the Fillmore waiting to get in, not feeling well once in and going up to a second floor area to rest a bit during the actual concert, and then coming back down to ensure I enjoyed their last song:

I certainly wouldn’t say I’m a ska type of guy, but there’s just that right something about FIF that gets to me. I remember being hit by a ton of emotion during their last song and joining in with the crowd saying “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…” when it ended.

Well, FIF IS BACK (!!) and I’m having a good time listening to their preview song.

That is all. =)

Singapore & Taiwan

It’s done! Viraj provided assistance in interviewing and some creative juices, if you know what I mean. Erhm…

When we played this to Sam, he sent me a multitude of cuss words. <3 Sam. ;)

Viraj made me censor a scene, but if you know me and want to see it, friend me on YouTube (owiber) and I may give you access to the uncensored version. =)

I wish I had gotten more footage, but not feeling well for part of the trip took a toll on my willingness to film much. Wish I had more footage of others on the trip. Next time! Enjoy!