Hey Look! It’s another post from Minix that the majority of visiters wont care about! =) just wanted to say, I recieved letter from UT, saying I was admitted. Yay! okey doke, tata!


Zortoch... 3 =)


HolyYam: I am Glaktor, emissary of Zortoch, the alien nosepicker! I have been sent to tell you to surrender your planet or face the consequences!!!!
HolyYam: Your silence tells me you are stubborn!
Sketcher66: who are you?
HolyYam: I have told you, now submit to Zortoch’s might!!!
Sketcher66: no you didn’t..i want a name
HolyYam: I have told you! My name is Glaktor!
Sketcher66: no really
Sketcher66: do i know you?
HolyYam: I am Zortoch’s Emissary!
HolyYam: No, I come from a planet which is far away from here!
Sketcher66: so why did you IM me?
HolyYam: Because I demand your surrender!
Sketcher66: of what?
HolyYam: Of this filthy planet Earth!
HolyYam: You puny humans are no match for our nosepicking might!!!
Sketcher66: what are you talking about?
HolyYam: Your inferiority to the nosepickers!
HolyYam: We come to take your Earth, and to challenge the Backstreet Boys in a nosepicking contest!

This is when she left, and therefore no longer responded.


Zortoch 2

WabbaMan: I am Zortoch, the alien nosepicker. Surrender your planet or face the consequences!!!
Saraleepastry03 signed off at 10:29:54 PM.


Guess What Everyone?!?

Guess what???….. I applied for college! Finally! It’s been… a little long… =) Should’ve finished a long time ago, but I’m lazy… but doesn’t matter, because some technicality will screw it all up anyway, but I applied, and that’s whats important! YAY!

ok, and if you don’t care… I’m sorry for this post.


Today's Snippet

In the isolated world deep within the heart of Oliver’s little space in the Wong’s living room where dwells 12 little dwarfs along with Oliver and his laptop and PC (TBird [email protected] with 128MB Mushkin CAS2 PC133 SDRAM…) at precisely, yet not 10:45PM:

Outsidey says: OH YEAH!?!!!
Mandy says: ???
Outsidey says: well you can just flush the toilet then!
Mandy says: Lol, I’m going to bed now…
Outsidey says: are you mocking me?
Mandy says: would I do that??
Outsidey says: with our powers combined, he is captain planet!
Outsidey says: he’s our hero!!!!
Mandy says: goodnight weirdo
Outsidey says: that was uncalled for
Mandy says: =)
Mandy says: I know
Outsidey says: That reminds me of Luke Skywalker in Jabba’s palace
Mandy says: dlskjfladksjfklsdfjlasdkjfl;asdk
Mandy says: :-P
Mandy says: :-P
Outsidey says: that’s kinda like Han Solo
Outsidey says: actually, the first part was Chewey
Outsidey says: or however you spell that monkey’s name
The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
or however you spell that monkey’s name

Thus ended the incomplete night of Oliver and the 14 little dwarfs who populated the land in which Oliver and his TBird [email protected] with 128MB of Mushkin CAS2 PC133 SDRAM on an Abit KT7 (…) dwell…


We Be Geeks!

Oliver and I have been having a theoretical discussion on the quote page now for a little while, and so far no one but us has contributed. Admittedly, it’s kind of far down the page, and no one really looks down there, but underneath Wes’s quote, about hoping all the guys on AIM would stop talking to her whatever, we’ve had this conversation

Christine: lol, point taken, Wes =P but… still Olivia’s quote was an original one that you “copyrighted”… i mean plagarized? no wait never mind =P

Minix: It would be plagiarized, but in reality, I think its Olivia that plagirized it from Wes… she got a time machine… prepares for the philosiphical conversation thats bound to come

Oliver: Woah… it would probably be theoretical not “philosiphical”, Matt. =) But I’ll spare you all this time… =)

Minix: Theoretical, whatever =) Well I’ll do it instead. If she went to the future to copy the quote that Wes did, after getting the idea from Olivia, it would create sort of an infinite loop… or no quotes would show up in the first place, which creates a new dilemma… how many times in our lives, do we go into the future in a time machine, in hopes of finding something to copy, but we don’t actually do anything because theres nothing to copy, because people that we were going to copy were copying what we were going to copy? Huh? huh? Interesting thought huh? =)

Oliver: Here’s my theory… there’s a relatively popular theory that if a time machine was ever created, it could never go back in time before it was actually invented… assuming that is true, I think that once a time machine is invented, that VERY VERY chaotic things will start happening and the Earth will soon have a TON of people on the planet from different time periods in the future, all of whom are traveling farthest in the past that is possible. Which may lead to the demise of mankind because the Earth cannot sustain that many humans… but then.. if all those people die or the relatives of those people die, how would they get there in the first place?… oohhh… ahh… Oh, and I think that according to that theory, that once the last screw (or whatever =) is attached to the time machine, that the inventor will know it worked because instantly at that point, people or at least one person will “teleport” into that room/area from a different time period. Cool, huh? =)

Minix: What if they went back into time, and killed the proffessor, and blew up the time machine?

Oliver: Then a vortex will appear and suck up all of existance into it. God would turn to Jesus and say “did we really make them in our image? they’re not too bright… what is this, the 50 billionth time we had to do this?” Jesus will say “yeah, but they’re cute little things running all over the place. Gotta love em.” So they’ll reset time and make one of the screws in the time machine malfunction so it never worked… =)

Minix: Ah… I see… so you’re saying a time machine would be impossible to make?

Oliver: Lol, maybe… I really don’t know. =) although there’s some theoretical stuff that says even if you went back in time, there would be some kind of thing stopping you from changing it… I dunno, I saw it on TLC or the Discovery channel once =)

Minix: hmm… could you touch stuff, it just wouldn’t effect anything?

and that’s where we’re at now. We need help! Someone else contribute!