While in NYC, we’ve come up with some plans on what to do if certain “worst case scenarios” arise. Here they are:

  1. Someone points a knife at us and tells us to hand over our money.

Solution: Turn, kick Sam in the knees and run. Optionally, throw down a $20 or two on Sam’s body on the ground… then run.

  1. We “accidently” punch another group of kids in the face.

Solution: Turn, kick Sam in the knees and run.

  1. Knees are kicked in, can’t run.

Solution: You’re Sam… sorry, can’t help.



We’re here!

They somehow discovered we had an extra two people in the room… hmmm… I dunno how we plan on getting three more. Haha…


Well, two hours until we depart to Dallas for our flight to NYC. Here’s hoping for no/short delays and a white Christmas. =)

More to come later!

Oh yeah, I forgot to upload wedding pics… oops, will have to wait until later.

Last Week

Alright, so this last week (as in, last seven days)… three A’s, one B. GPA went up a little bit. Van and I started playing World of Warcraft (oh no!) and it’s lots of fun… but man, is it a time sink. Steve’s wedding (congrats! - pics coming soon).

Now, I need to go get some clothes and Christmas presents tomorrow/next day. Anyone wanna go, give me a ring “tomorrow” (Sunday). AT NIGHT… SHRIMP!!


Went to see Ocean’s 12 today. It was alright, not as good as first… a bit disappointing. My sleep schedule is out of wack again (as expected once school is out =)… seeing as it is 5AM, I think I may just try to stay awake until Liquid.

Hmmmm… we actually played two games of WarCraft3 tonight. It’s been a long time.

Haha, sometimes… the reviews on are wonderful. Look at this one:

From a student who took EE 313 - 04/23/03
Avoid Aggarwal like the plague! If there are only two choices for EE313 and one is Aggarwal and the other is Adolf Hitler… take Hitler, or just wait a semester and see if anyone else teaches the class. Trust me, you’ll regret it if you sign up for this turtle-like man.

His grading is by far the worst part. Homework is given twice a week and consists of problems that usually have nothing to do with his lectures. They are graded with a gratuitous use of the letter X with absolutely no explanation of why you got a problem wrong - not even a correct answer is given. Exams are the same way, but even worse. If you miss part B of a certain question, but you need that answer for part C of the same question, just kiss your grade goodbye.

He stutters like some sort of walking-seizure during lecture. In the whole hour, he might only say three words. None of these would be relevant to anything, of course. Sometimes, he acted as confused as the class. Often, a student would have to explain where he went wrong in trying to solve an example on the board.

I’ve heard that every other teacher for 313 is awesome, so if you were thinking of taking Aggarwal then just stop thinking! Check yourself into Bellvue and say hello to your friend, Mr. Straightjacket…

Haha… awesome.


Yay! I’m done with finals! I wish I had a day between my GameDev project being due and my finals because I don’t think I did as well on my EE final as I could have. Poo, now I’m not as confident of my A in that class, but we’ll see. I think most of it depends on how he curves and/or gives partial credit.

On a much better note, pics from Nancy and Ochs’ birthday are online now. Enjoy! =)