Fake Sam is dead, long live real Sam

I made a fake Sam Ni FB account a while back and Sam made the foolish decision of friending it last night, which gave me access to post to his wall…

I figured the account would get closed shortly, so I’d make the most of it…

…and I think I was being nice… I could have done far worse. =)

Yes, I’m posting this while at work, but it’s my lunch break! ;)


So I apparently underestimated Sam as I predicted he would FB friend Melissa within 24 hours of meeting her (at karaoke on Friday night). I sent myself an email to timestamp my prediction.

I should have been more aggressive with my estimate though because as I picked up Melissa on Saturday morning and told her about my prediction, she said she’d already got gotten a friend invite at roughly 5AM, which was <6 hours after meeting her and not even 3 hours after I sent the above email to myself. Sorry for underestimating your social swiftness, Sam. :)

On the topic of weekend events, there was karaoking on Friday night, which was pretty fun. I’ll get around to posting a few photos/videos eventually… Melissa and I finished the first season of Pushing Daisies, which is a pretty enjoyable little show (only nine episodes in the first season). I took a break from ultimate this weekend, and probably next too, as I’m trying to let my shins heal in preparation for next month’s 10k run… which I’m still iffy on if I’ll actually be able to do. It’s a bit tricky since I need to rest my shins, but I also should probably train for the run…

With that, I will leave you with the tail end of a wonderful chat I had with my sister who’s visiting London currently:

Ah… I love having sisters. :)

Sam Spankings NYC 2004

During a chat with Melissa recently, I recalled this gem of a video I had stored in an external hard drive and I was shocked that I didn’t already have it online. Well, I have rectified that issue… =) (warning: contains profanity).

“No no no no no no no high velocity! No no… like that’s… NO! SHT C**K!! SHT C**K!!!!” - Sam Ni


This weekend, other than the super windy ultimate game, Melissa and I finished watching Firefly and Serenity (ahhh… I <3 that show/movie so much). It’s been decided that the next show will be Pushing Daisies, so I ordered both seasons on blu-ray, which should arrive shortly. I’ve heard good things about that show from many sources, so I didn’t mind buying before seeing any of it… looking forward to it. =)

Sunday, I went to Vox, ate at Ho Ho, went misc. shopping a bit and got cleaning supplies (but did not clean). Took a short nap, then visited Austin Stone (hence the post title… har har!) with Melissa. It was my first time and boy… a lot of people go there! After going to Vox for so long, it would take some getting used to should I visit Stone again (not necessarily in a good/bad way). I found out Melissa hadn’t seen Up, so I decided to try my luck at this whole social thing and sent out a tweet asking if anyone had a copy I could borrow. Carolee graciously obliged (thanks!) and so we closed out the night watching that.

Ultimately Windy

As many of you will know, the temps dropped to the lower 40’s and the wind picked up to the mid 20MPH with gusts up to 45MPH. Well, that didn’t stop us from playing Ultimate and we got in a solid few hours of game time, which was pretty impressive. The hot shower I took afterwards felt awesome and I discovered a number of bruises on my hand once the feeling returned to them.

We finally got our first frisbee casualty today as the disc we’ve been playing with finally gave out. Time to buy a new one (or two…)!

Now I think I will take a nap…

“In open fields of wild flowers,
she breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
in no simple language” - Jars of Clay

Lazy Friday

I took the day off since I felt like I needed a good day of rest (particularly since my cough is still lurking around). I was planning on sleeping in and perhaps being productive and getting my car maintenanced, but I opted to just turn off the “maintenance required” light so I could ignore it easier (it’s kind of pointless anyways). I did, however, get some Round Rock donut holes, bought more flags for ultimate, ordered new checks, and sent off some mail. Now I am just bumming at the house.

I have had an unfortunate run of WwF games and have a longer losing streak (across different people) than I would like… I think I’m playing too haphazardly… and I need to learn more words with an abundance of i’s in them… I hate i’s.

Itching a little to try to do a small video related project with my camera, but feeling rather uninspired right now…

A late weekend post

I forgot to post about this past weekend, and since I’ve been keeping up the habit since the new year, I might as well keep it going. I figure as long as I do it before the following weekend, I’m okay. =)

Saturday had the typical ultimate game and we had 19 people, I believe. I’m fairly certain I may need to buy an additional set of flags for this coming weekend. I also think I’m going to have to sit out for a few weeks to let my shins heal in preparation for running a 10k in April. I think the rest of the day was just me being lazy…

Sunday, went to Vox, then went with Sam to meet up with Heather and Stephanie King at Asia Cafe along with a bunch of their friends. Hmmmm… then I think I bummed around more and went home for a haircut and helped Oriana setup my studio lights for a photoshoot for her.

So yeah… kind of a mellow non-interesting weekend. =p

A story

So one day I go into work and the cube across from mine which was formerly empty now has someone in it. I remember Jason, our support manager, mentioning hiring a new intern. The cube desks face away from each other, so I only see her back and notice that she’s a girl and has black hair, but that’s about all I observe during the rush of the morning. I generally try to be friendly and introduce myself to new people around my vicinity, so I eventually I go over… “hello, I’m Oliver.” She turns around and it’s the first time I actually see her. I’m sure she said hello back, but I can’t really recall as I was likely too busy trying to mask my surprise at how cute I thought she was. I proceeded to make a fool of myself by finding out she went to UT then guessing every possible year but the right one. At that point, I either scuffled off to a meeting or got sucked back into the internets…

A few weeks go by and we interact a bit here and there (working late at the office, group lunches, etc.). She asks if I play Scrabble, so I download Words with Friends on my iPhone and we begin playing a game. I use all of my tiles in one play and I think I’m looking good with what I feel is a solid lead. The game nears its end and she teaches me a lesson in being confident by pulling ahead and beating me by 10 points. I realize this girl probably has brains.

One night, I join Steph, Ryan, Heather, and Jimmy at Jim’s and sometime during our conversations, Heather accuses me of liking our new intern (for reasons that, to me, seemed like a stretch). I hadn’t actually thought about it prior to this accusation, so I deny and give Heather strange looks. Soon, however, with the idea in my head, I realize that yes, I have totally developed a crush.

A few weeks go by, and things like this start to happen:

1:18:13 PM thealattack:
  Meagan Martin
    omg does Oliver have a gf?
  Alastair Wilkes
  Meagan Martin
    cause i just saw a new asian intern that is sooooo cute and adorable
1:18:21 PM Oliver: lol
1:19:01 PM thealattack: haha
1:19:12 PM Oliver: that was totally out of the blue?
1:19:43 PM thealattack: yep, totally out of the blue

1:31:30 PM thealattack: sounds like you have people working for you
1:31:39 PM thealattack:
  Meagan Martin
    back to Oliver’s new girlfriend
    how do i find out who she is and set them up on a DATE

Heather and Meagan soon come up with “project jack” that’s supposed to set us up on a date. I decide that there seem to be too may coincidences pushing me to ask this girl out, so I take that as a sign and with much encouragement, I finally work myself up to asking her to dinner myself. I’m not going to get into how I asked. :-) I feel a mix of happy/surprised when she says “sure” with a smile and I hurry off to do a code review in a little bit of a panic not knowing what to do next…

Our first date is on a Friday night. Usually, I go out with my group of friends to a new place in Austin we haven’t been before. In an email thread, I learn they plan on going to The Odd Duck, which I, of course, end up skipping out on. After dinner, I decide to take us to Gourdough’s for dessert. I pull up and realize that Gourdough’s is right next to The Odd Duck and they basically share the same parking lot and eating area. Oops. It’s too late to leave at this point, so I end up introducing her to a handful of my buddies and we all hang out for a little while. I take her home and apparently I haven’t scared her off by any of my antics (planned or unplanned) as she agrees to a second date.

It’s now been about a month since then and I must say that I’m a bit smitten. I like to joke that things aren’t official until they’re on Facebook… so…

The Gianni one

This weekend started well with a great game of ultimate on Saturday. I may have to go buy another set of flags as we only had one extra (we maxed at 19 people, I think). Weather was great and we had a good number of people, so it was a really good time. My shins are not quite 100% so I end up messing them up slightly every weekend. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to run a the 10K I signed up for in a few weeks…

I believe OMan took some photos of ultimate, which I’m looking forward to seeing. I’ve brought my camera a few times, but end up never taking any shots because I’m having too much fun playing, so I’ve stopped. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll try again…

Saturday night, I went downtown to celebrate Gianni’s birthday. I should have brought my camera, but I forgot as I rushed out of the house. Doh! We went to Roy’s which was pretty good then I went home feeling like I possibly contracted OMan’s cold. I slept through a good part of Sunday and woke up feeling better. My Seattle cough might be gone too!

Went home for dinner and Oriana made some molten lava cake which was pretty good. Thanks, littlest sisterface. =)

Sometime during the weekend, I rediscovered the following and was pleased. Perhaps I should be ashamed, but I am not. =)

“I never thought that I could be so satisfied,
Everytime that I look in your angel eyes.
A shock inside me that words just can’t describe,
And there’s no explaining.
There’s something in the way you move, I can’t deny,
Every word from your lips is a lullaby.
A twist of fate makes life worth while,
You are gold and silver.

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head, but then
POP! Goes my heart.
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again, but then
POP! Goes my heart.
And I just can’t let you go,
I can’t lose this feeling.” - Hugh Grant (?)