Curse the monkeys!

Well POOO!!! I made one stupid mistake on my EE test and so I didn’t get the 100 I thought I might’ve. Darn. =) Well, I still got a 92 though, which was the 3rd highest in the class, so I’m still looking good. Just a bit annoying. =)

Sam recently found a bruise on his right arm in virtually the exact same shape, location, and color as mine. It’s really really weird as the spot it’s at isn’t really the easiest of spots to get a bruise. Something’s fishy…. lol


I am not alone

Apparently, people are just walking out of my EE class one by one (as I am typing this). I think the class is half the size it was when it started 40 minutes ago… haha. So, I’m not the only one that views this guy’s lectures as absolutely worthless.

In other news, I got a job offer from Freescale, and I have to read A LOT of Buddhism for the test on Thursday. Wheeeee.

Infiniti G35 Coupe here I come! =)


Deep Conversations

Sam, Andrew, and I (with some input from a few others) were talking about “deep” stuff the other day and I’ve decided to post about it a bit. We arrived at the conclusion that pain existed in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:16 - “I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing…”) and that pain/suffering is required in a relationship in order to grow (perhaps past a certain “line”). So pretty much, the main question is… what of pain/suffering in heaven?

According to Revelations (something, too lazy to look it up) and probably some other passages, there will no longer be any pain/suffering in heaven. What of relationships then? Do they become stagnant at that point and/or are these questions irrelevant since we can’t comprehend heaven and our lives there?

I think we also talked about the why there is suffering and if it is a direct consequence of sin. If so, why was there pain/suffering in Garden of Eden? Because of Lucifer’s sin? I guess this also brings up the question… were Adam & Eve sinless before eating the fruit? Or “merely” ignorant of their sins?

I’m not sure if I’m transcribing the ideas we talked about accurately or not… but hey, interesting nonetheless. =)


Good Old EE

Boy I love my EE class. It’s so exciting! Actually… no.

At the moment, I’m in the back of the class typing away on my Powerbook while listening to my iPod. I have no clue what the professor is saying and I’ve totally tuned him out. My phone started ringing though, and that’s bad cause today I forgot to silence it.

This guy is really boring, I think I do better just looking at the book. Lunch with sister today. Oh boy oh boy! lol, j/k j/k… ;)



I wrote something about my boring EE professor and some other cooking stuff, but I lost it cause I pressed CMD+Q too many times. Argh. =) Oh well… I’m in linguistics right now talking about the wonderful world of morphemes! YAY!


No mas Chinese!

Chinese is absolutely brutal. As a result, Chad and I have both dropped it and signed up for Intro to Buddhism (well, that’s the plan at least… not official as of yet). This is all thanks to the new 2004-2006 Catalog. w00tness!

Someone needs to pay our rent (and by pay, I mean pick up the checks already written and drop them off at the office). Anyone at home? =)



Poor OliverWEB has been neglected again. People still need to send me stuff for Friends 2004. =)

Apartment is a blast, I’m (kinda) cooking! I think Chinese is going to be the most brutal class of this semester for me, but hopefully not too brutal. =) My EE prof is insanely boring, but I think I can live with it.

Uh oh, gotta take off for Game Dev. Seeya kiddos. ;)



I have 4 invites, who wants them? People who don’t have one get precedence… then if no one asks, I’ll give them to people who already have one+.


Friends 2004

I’ve added the first batch of people to Friends 2004… I think this includes Sam, Brook, Nancy, Kathy, and Viraj. The rest of you (if you see yourself on the side) email me and ask for the questions, or get it from your email (if I sent it to you) or whatever. =)