Dog Park

I had planned on doing some work this past weekend (yeah, I know, I’m lame sometimes :-)), but after about an hour or two of coding, I took Mozilla to Tacodeli for lunch:

Chilling with Mozilla at tacodeli

Then, I went to the park near my house and got some shaved ice. When I was parking, I saw a guy in something that looked like a robe, which I thought was a bit weird cause it was fairly warm outside. I should have known something was up at this point, but I continued to get my shaved ice when I noticed that the dude in question and his group of friends had started LARPing. =(

@&$#%!! LARPing at my neighborhood park. Time to get out of here.

I left, then, but decided that the day was too nice to waste inside, so I gathered up Ally, Sydney, and their respective owners and headed to a dog park in Pflugerville, which sounds farther away than it was I think. Anyways, here are some pics:

Dog Park 001

Dog Park 002

Dog Park 006

Dog Park 007

Dog Park 008

Dog Park 014

Dog Park 019

Dog Park 021

Aww, dog buddies:

Dog Park 024

Jonney got Mozilla a huge rawhide bone a while back, here’s a pic of that:

He'll get it all eventually


Mozilla and Ally

Ally is probably Mozilla’s best dog friend. They play all the time and play for forever. Here are pics I mentioned a while back but just got around to uploading to flickr.

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 010

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 004

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 011

Mozilla & Ally & Viraj 014

Two nights ago, Mozilla must have eaten something bad cause he kept on throwing up. I had thought he was over it, so I let him on my bed but shortly after, he threw up on my pillow/bed, so I had to remove the sheets and switch to my backup:

Mozilla threw up on my bed at 3:30am, so I've got to use the spare blankets/sheets... :p

I think I may be in the market for another house near the end of the year. Started to browse available ones just to get a feel for things again. A little excited about it (but not looking forward to the moving or the paperwork =/).


I don’t usually do these but I’m in “one of those moods” so Sam gets a nice post today. At least that’s my plan as of this sentence, we’ll see how it goes. =)

I’ve known many of my friends for a very long time (some for over half my life), and I love all of them… some in different ways than others. ;) Sam will probably be the first to tell you we have a special relationship. I met Sam back in high school when he was the tall, goofy, asian ROTC guy in the halls. I think he actually knew Olivia before me, but I do remember him showing up to computer club once (maybe he voted for me for president? haha). Back then, he looked something like this:

Sam’s of the class of 2002, so when I graduated in 2001, I went off to UT with a bunch of the gang and never really expected to see this guy again. Well, a year of shenanigans happens, then I stumble upon Sam again on the church’s internet forums and I borrow My Sassy Girl from him cause it’s supposedly a good movie. Somewhere during this time, it’s also discovered that we’re both looking for roommates for the coming semester, so the adventures of JW152 begin.

It’s here where Sam meets Mark who triggers what we dub “the downfall of Sam” which all started with a game of mario kart (or was it super monkey ball?) and a big green button. You can ask one of them about this, but suffice it to say that Sam then realized we’re a bunch of asses, especially Mark, and he didn’t quite know how to handle that. The remainder of our Jester days entailed, but were not limited to:

  • Getting in the Daily Texan for having an infamously dirty dorm room:

  • A $1 blow-up doll from eBay with some… accessories

  • Getting noise complaints from below, above, and around our dorm room and having the RA kick people out of our room

  • Sam looking at me while I slept and wondering what it would be like if I were a girl and we were watching the sun rise (don’t ask me, man, I found out cause he wrote about it on his xanga!)

  • Webcam hijinks

  • Drunken Pauls

  • Food “accidents” on Sam’s bedding

  • Hot sauce filled donuts

  • Spilt milk

  • Sam founded TiSA and didn’t even tell me until a semester or so later

  • Sam changed his legal name and became an American citizen

Well, after that, a bunch of us moved into some really ghetto apartments just north of the Target near campus on I35. It was here that the Tower of Che-Kang was built:

Tower of Che-Kang-002

Tower of Che-Kang-004

Throughout the years, my Xanga has gone through two iterations dedicated to Sam (I wish I had kept the first one… sorry. I do remember it being very pink). I even joined Facebook originally back in the day to get my Sam loving Xanga more exposure! ;)

Speaking of which, here are some old FB posts. Sam hadn’t quite perfected his come-back to “suck it” at this point…

More recently, I built and the Samboard.

We’ve been to Key West:


New York City:


… and even Arkansas:

I’ve known Sam for over ten years now and he’s been the butt of many jokes (I swear he asks for most of them), and though I don’t admit this often, one of my bestest friends. Happy birthday, Sam!

Sick =(

I caught something last night, apparently, so now I’m all congested and I have a sore throat. =( These past few weeks have not been kind to my nose (allergies + cold).

On Thursday night, Andrew and Viraj came in to town for their three-day weekend. We went to Papa Tino’s, which was pretty good but the lighting was really dark. I wouldn’t really have gotten much with my Mark II, but the Mark III at 12800 ISO let me get these:

Papi Tino's 001

Papi Tino's 003

Papi Tino's 005

Certainly noisy, but not bad! I’m pretty pleased. These pics have more detail than I could make out with my eyes in that lighting.

And… here are some more Mozilla pics for your viewing pleasure. First, some Facebook timline fun. =)

Mozilla 008

Mozilla 004

Sleeping Mo 003

I’ve got some shots of Mozilla and Ally playing in the grass, but I forgot to upload them to Flickr. Another time. =)

On Saturday, we played some frisbee game that involved two rectangular areas:


Viraj, at one point, called a disc out of bounds and reasoned “based on the line from that one cone, it’s out.” Apparently Viraj has redefined what makes a line and one can now be defined based on one point. The disc was in, it turns out.

I finished Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, the second and third books of the Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed Catching Fire quite a bit and it was certainly the best of the three (Hunger Games, I thought was mediocre). Mockingjay was probably somewhere in the middle, but I didn’t find the ending all that appealing. It felt awkward to me. Maybe the whole series was overhyped for me, but I felt a bit let-down by the ending. I’ve found that I’ve been enjoying books with complexity in not only plot but how the story’s told. I know Hunger Games is a “young adult” series, so that’s probably why it didn’t live up to my impression of the hype, but I thought the first and third books were a bit too.. simple I guess.

In related news, Harry Potter is now available in e-book formats (legit), so I’ve purchased the series and will start to read them. I kind of lost interest in the Dark Tower series (I’m somewhere in the middle of the third book I think), but maybe I’ll come back and finish that one day too. Guess all these books should come in handle tomorrow while I’m sitting at home recuperating…


What's in a name?

Okay, I’m seriously considering changing my middle name for reasons I won’t dive into right now, but maybe you can ask me in person if you’re really curious. The real point of this post is that I’m not entirely sure what I want to change it to. Currently, I have two comical front-runners and no other solid ideas.

  1. Danger

  2. Tyrone/Tirone

I don’t think I could actually commit to going with Tyrone, but Danger is sounding fairly appealing to me at the moment. I’m looking for something clever/fun so if you have ideas, share!

Oh! I should mention… this is NOT and April 1st joke. =P

In other news, I found a wonderful program to make fake Magic cards and had a blast of a time creating Sam and Viraj cards. I’m sure Gene, Liang, Mark, and Sam can attest to the many giggles that came from my desk as I tinkered with this. I was so pleased with myself. Here are draft versions of two Virajs. You’ll have to wait for the Sam one. I think I’m going to redo what I’ve got.