I think I have a bad case of allergies or a mild cold. =( I think Rita blew something bad over to Austin from the boonies or something cause it started on Friday…

Van made me tea yesterday though and put lots of honey in it. Awwwww, how sweet. lol =)

I’ll be at the Freescale booth tomorrow at Frank Erwin for the UT Career Fair Expo thingymabobber. Good luck to all attending. =)


Seems appropriate…

For all the deepest thoughts compiled,
philosophy to laws of physics,
no one’s ever heard or seen,
a more beautiful thing,
than this love that saved us.

The very spark that burns the stars,
drew near to me today,
the God of everything that is,
whispered in my ear that His love is boundless.

In the soundless awe and wonder,
words fall short to hope again.
How beautiful,
how vast your love is,
new forever,
world without an end.

“World Without End” - FIF

Work Work*

*The title of this post should be read in the same fashion a human peasant in Warcraft 3 would say it.

So yesterday, I received an IM from my boss telling me my demo I showed her the previous day was required in a last-minute meeting. When I asked when, I was told “very soon” and to “go to Walnut Creek asap.” So… I quickly packed up my laptop and my development board along with all the niftly little add-ons (keypad, QVGA, VGA display, etc.) and rushed on over to the meeting room.

Apparently, we were having a “first encounter” type meeting with a $3 billion revenue company. It was pretty cool to see the “business-types” go at it with introductions as well as sly marketing maneuvers on both fronts. I don’t think that’s something I would like to do, but it’s certainly needed and cool to watch people who are good at it. I’m also not quite sure if this is something you gain from business school… seems like a lot of this stuff is something you’re either good at or you’re not (though, if you’re good at it, business school may give you nice practice ;).

Anyways, the meeting ended with my demo and the potential customers saying “that was a good demo.” shrug

Sunday Sunday

Today, Olivia, Sam, Van and I went to volunteer at the Freescale donation center. We piled up lots of bedding onto crates and shrink wrapped them. Woo woo.

Here are some non-related pics:

Nancy making me dance with her:


My opinion on the matter:


hehe, j/k =) Very flattering picture of Kathy eating some dog poo:


Kathy, not too happy with me:


Sam, very content with himself:


Sam’s butt:


Finally, burrito Josh:



That’s all, folks! =)

Nathan's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Nathan! Here’re pics:







Man, I love my flash! Makes the lighting so nice. =) More in my gallery.

Oh yeah, obligatory bad Nancy picture… gotta get my revenge somehow for all the abuse. ;)