Mark and I have purchased a sweet house and we moved in last weekend. We’ve still got a number of things on order that have yet to arrive, but it’s pretty great. It has two master bedrooms, so it was convenient to co-purchase. Here’s a video of when I took Mozilla to the house shortly after closing:

This is a Facebook album of pre-closing photos.

And here are some photos of the game room:


Dang, it’s August already. There’s a lot of moving going on (or about to be). Unless delayed again, it’s looking like to move to Mueller at the end of September and Olivia and Garrick are going to San Francisco. I don’t mind another reason to go back to visit that city. =) We checked out the new Mueller HEB’s cafe their opening weekend and it was decent enough. I could see myself talking a walk there with Mozilla frequently, especially once the weather isn’t so scorching. Viraj and I have some tentative plans to get wasted there cause it’d be hilarious.

Ryan’s decided to take a gig at Mozilla, which is pretty sweet for him, but it’s unfortunate that my time working with him again will only be 1.5 months. =p Right before I started at MR, I took a trip to San Francisco to do some hanging out with recent ex-coworkers and just chill. In a rare occurrence, I decided not to take my DSLR and man did it make a difference walking around. I felt so much lighter! I don’t think this means I won’t bring it with me on future trips, but I’ve pics of SF enough and plan on coming back many times in the future, so I figured I’d be lazy. Here are some randoms from my iPhone though:

Coffee time:
Coffee time!

My parents used to own an ice cream shop around this area and I have multiple baby pics here. Always fun to return, and this time there was actually water running:
Why hello there, familiar face.

More childhood nostalgia:
Memory lane @livizilla

Love this stuff:
Ahh memories

Oriana recently got the dogs some cow hoof to chew on at Andrew’s suggestion and this resulted in the first time I’ve had to break up a Mozilla and Badger fight. I’m pretty sure Badger started it, but maybe I’m biased. =) They’re normally pretty good though:

This past Friday I went to Town Lake (yes, I’ll still call it that) with the MR crew for their “fantastic friday” and took Mozilla along with me. He spent a decent amount of time looking at some large turtles:
Mozilla checking out a big turtle

Terrible Movies and Terrible Music

My sisters love it when I expose them to terrible entertainment.


When I made Oriana watch High School Musical with me:

High School Musical with @oreoreoeoo !!!!

Then, she was super happy when we moved on to Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless:
Now we're watching Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless. @oreoreoeoo is exploding with happiness

The above shenanigans have humorously led to the following:
2013-02-27 06.05.50 pm

And… here’s some random photo dumping…

On Valentine’s, Oriana and I went to Amy’s with the pups:
Ice cream with Oriana and puppies

Mozilla’s support was not enough for the 49ers to win:
Found this old shirt. It's too big for me, so Mozilla gets to represent

The 11th Dress Up Viraj Day

Viraj has a bit of a germaphobe problem. One time a while back, he was charging his phone, but was scared of the germs on the ground, so he wasted a perfectly good tissue to guard his phone from the evils of the floor:


To teach him a lesson, I replaced it with a fruit roll-up wrapper:


Back in my early days of college, my friends and I had an unsuccessful web comic using a recycled domain of mine, MrTechHappy. It was primarily filled with inside jokes, and yes, used Flash because that’s what you did back in 2001.

Well, eleven years ago from yesterday (the 21st), I created Dress Up Viraj Day:

I’ve been waiting to celebrate it annually for many years now but I’ve always forgotten and missed it by a few days.

Not this year!

In memory of our beloved Teetar Baghat, I asked people to submit a photo of their phones with a picture of Viraj. We also made sure to guard our phones from the floor. You never know what might infect it. I hope for this tradition to grow and get ever more so obnoxious in the years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, on this 11th annual Dress Up Viraj Day, I present to you the inaugural Dress Up Viraj Day tradition of our phones on the floor graced with the image of Viraj:

From Ochs:
DressUpVirajDay 001

DressUpVirajDay 004

From Oriana:
DressUpVirajDay 003

From Aaron, all the way from down under in Australia:
DressUpVirajDay 002

From Greg:
DressUpVirajDay 005

From Sam:
DressUpVirajDay 006

From Andrew, in Dallas:
DressUpVirajDay 007

If you’d like to send in late submissions, I’ll let it slide this year and append this post to include them. For your convenience, here is a collection of Viraj photos to choose from.

As Viraj would say it, “squirt yeah!”

Andrew & Jen Wedding

We spent this weekend in Dallas celebrating Andrew & Jen’s marriage! Yay!

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few I did take (or someone with my camera took, and I edited):

AJ Wedding 002

AJ Wedding 007

AJ Wedding 013

AJ Wedding 017

AJ Wedding 018

AJ Wedding 022

AJ Wedding 024

AJ Wedding 026

AJ Wedding 030

AJ Wedding 034

The rest here.

Also, here’s the video we made as a wedding gift. Enjoy!

Our family decided to have Thanksgiving at Olivia’s this year, so I’m sticking it out in Dallas for the week.

Catch up

The poor blog’s been neglected. I’ve been very busy!

Back when Sam and I roomed together in Jester, I had this half bottle of chocolate milk that I thought would be fun to seal up with tape and then leave on my shelf… well, that’s basically what happened until we moved out. It was probably there for a whole semester or two until we finally threw it away. It was quite solid by that time. Anyways, something reminded me of this on Facebook, so I went looking for a picture of it. I didn’t find that, but I thought I’d tell you about it. =p

I also went on a hunt for an old W2. I didn’t find that either, but I found an old yearbook, so I took a trip down memory lane and went through a few old things and took pictures of them.

Here’s my Senior Scrap Book and some select pages:

Senior Scrap Book 004

Senior Scrap Book 008

Senior Scrap Book 012

Senior Scrap Book 013

Senior Scrap Book 014

Like I mentioned earlier, I found an old yearbook and and noticed that Chad, Nancy and myself made a good concentration of photos since we were usually placed around the same general area. There’s not really another set of my friends that had this same clump. I took some pics going back to middle school, too.

Chad and I, 1997 (7th grade). The writing’s from Nancy, years later.

Chad, Oliver, 1997. Writing is by Nancy a number of years later. I think this is my favorite school photo of myself.

Chad and Nancy, 1999 (10th grade). They messed up my photo and put me somewhere else with a different name.

Chad, Nancy, 1999. They messed mine up and put me somewhere else.

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2000 (11th grade):

While looking for something else, I found my 2000 yearbook. It's me + Nancy + Chad!

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2001 (12th grade):

Chad, Nancy, Oliver, 2001

For fun, here’s one of Olivia and Doris (2001):

Doris, Olivia, 2001

A few weekends ago, Van came into town for his brother’s wedding. We decided to treat him to Uchi, and then decided that we couldn’t let him go back to Boston without having the brussel sprouts and fried milk from Uchiko, so we immediately went there afterwards. The waiter at Uchiko was quite pleased when we told him what we had done, haha.

Taking Van to Uchi!

For my birthday, my family got me a Nest at my request. It’s pretty!

Birthday present! Thanks, family!

West Coast Road Trip 2

…so after the aquarium, we went to Kokkari Estiatorio for first dinner. The appetizers and the dessert I got were pretty awesome. I’m pretty tempted to say the dessert I got (the galaktoboureko, which I pronounced “galactic burrito”), was the best I had the entire trip. The main dishes were good, but out-classed by what came before/after. Overall, highly recommended.

Road Trip 2012 178

Road Trip 2012 183

Road Trip 2012 184

Road Trip 2012 189

Road Trip 2012 190

Second dinner was at Commonwealth, which I feel was good, but we were already somewhat full from Kokkari, so probably couldn’t fully appreciate it.

Road Trip 2012 195

Road Trip 2012 197

Road Trip 2012 204

Road Trip 2012 209

Road Trip 2012 210

In the morning, we discovered the place we had planned to eat at, Red Door Cafe, was closed, so we went to Brenda’s French Soul Food. Their breakfast was alright. I liked the beignets, but the rest were okay. I hear their lunch/dinner is pretty good though.

Road Trip 2012 212

Road Trip 2012 213

Road Trip 2012 218

Off to Los Angeles we go, where we meet up with Beika to eat at Animal. Very recommended. We devoured many creatures.

Road Trip 2012 225

Road Trip 2012 232

Road Trip 2012 236

Road Trip 2012 219

For a late night snack, we went to a ramen place, which was pretty good. It’s Sam Approved.

Road Trip 2012 246

Road Trip 2012 244

The next morning, we did first lunch at a Korean place, Seongbukdong. Recommended. It was very solid.

Road Trip 2012 250

Road Trip 2012 251

Road Trip 2012 254

Road Trip 2012 256

Road Trip 2012 257

Next up for second lunch, a visit to Umami Burger. I enjoyed the Manly Burger pretty well!

Road Trip 2012 264

Road Trip 2012 265

Road Trip 2012 267

Finally, for third lunch, because we’re crazy, we get sushi at Sushi-Gen. It was a good deal, but nothing crazy.

Road Trip 2012 270

Road Trip 2012 268

For dinner, we go to Angelini Osteria, which I enjoyed pretty well. I would go back. The desserts were tasty. Allegedly, Nancy and Grace saw Justin Timberlake here, but Nancy took an extremely poor photo of the sighting, so it’s impossible to verify their claims.

Road Trip 2012 275

Road Trip 2012 277

Road Trip 2012 282

Road Trip 2012 283

Plus, TC really hit it up with Grace:

Road Trip 2012 286

Road Trip 2012 288

Road Trip 2012 289

Road Trip 2012 295

More dessert at Diddy Riese Cookies. It was so-so.

Road Trip 2012 297

The next day, we went to Mole of the Gods. They were closed when we first rolled up and we were about to leave when they opened their doors. We were lucky of our timing! They were very good.

Road Trip 2012 298

Road Trip 2012 300

Road Trip 2012 303

Then, we take off to Phoenix where our first stop is the renowned Pizzeria Bianco. Highly recommended, especially the Rosa (we got two and added prosciutto to one).

Road Trip 2012 307

Road Trip 2012 308

Road Trip 2012 311

Road Trip 2012 315

For dinner, we headed off to Binkley’s, which surprisingly was the best meal of the trip. It was freaking amazing and extremely competitively priced. I highly urge anyone in Phoenix that is prepared for a very long, awesome meal, to go to this place. The food wasn’t quite as unique and various as Alinea, but at a fraction of the cost and spectacular on pure “OMG-that-tasted-awesome.” Mark says that the chef was ex-French Laundry, but if our experience was any indication, he’s completely surpassed them. I’m serious. This place is so awesome, we’re going to watch for cheap Phoenix tickets so we can return on some random weekend. Plus, hotels in Phoenix are cheap!

Road Trip 2012 325

Road Trip 2012 326

Road Trip 2012 328

Road Trip 2012 329

Road Trip 2012 332

Road Trip 2012 333

Road Trip 2012 335

Road Trip 2012 337

Road Trip 2012 338

Road Trip 2012 340

Road Trip 2012 342

Road Trip 2012 347

Road Trip 2012 349

Road Trip 2012 350

The next morning, we go to Vegas! On the way, a quick photo-op at the Hoover Dam:

Road Trip 2012 352

After getting to Vegas, we eat lunch at Comme Ça. It was not bad.

Road Trip 2012 361

Road Trip 2012 365

For dinner, we went off the strip to Kabuto. Would definitely go again. I felt bad I couldn’t eat that much because we had a late lunch.

Road Trip 2012 367

Road Trip 2012 371

Road Trip 2012 373

Road Trip 2012 375

Road Trip 2012 377

Brunch the next day was at Bouchon. I liked it a lot.

Road Trip 2012 380

Road Trip 2012 381

Road Trip 2012 387

CRAP! I just realized I didn’t get a group shot in front of Bouchon. DARN IT!

Later, we met up with Olivia, where I gave in to being uncomfortable and had a shot. Woo?

Road Trip 2012 389

For dinner, we went to Cut. My steak was disappointing, unfortunately, as it wasn’t as marbled as I expected, but I tried some of the crazy stuff Andrew/TC/Mark got and it was pretty intense.

Road Trip 2012 391

Road Trip 2012 395

Road Trip 2012 398

That’s it! Mark and I finaled back in Austin with Greg at Uchi. I took it easy on myself and didn’t take any pictures there, so that’s it! Tata!

West Coast Road Trip 1

I probably won’t blog about the whole thing right now, but I’ll cover a few highlights and revisit. It took Sam and I roughly 14 hours to get to Seattle due to flights getting delayed/canceled, etc. The one nice thing about that is that I got upgraded to first class flying to Seattle from Houston. I’ve got a ton of pics here, but I’ll directly include a few…

One of our first stops as a complete group was to Nielsen’s Authentic Danish Pastries. The danish I got was, in fact, very tasty. Recommended.

Road Trip 2012 003

Road Trip 2012 006

Road Trip 2012 007

Prior to Sam, TC and I’s arrival, the group went to Serious Pie, but decided to go back again for first lunch. I had been there previously on a business trip and it did not disappoint the second time around. Recommended.

Road Trip 2012 012

Road Trip 2012 013

We walked around Pike Place Market, met up with Victoria, and then walked a mile and some to Pike Street Fish Fry and had some tasty “fish and chips” for second lunch. Recommended.

Road Trip 2012 018

Road Trip 2012 021

Road Trip 2012 022

Off to Portland we go, and after checking in to our hotel, we hit up Aviary. It was really good. Highly recommended.

Road Trip 2012 038

Road Trip 2012 040

Road Trip 2012 041

Road Trip 2012 048

Road Trip 2012 051

Road Trip 2012 055

For a late night snack, we hit up Biwa. For some reason we thought they closed really late, but we got there right as they were closing up but they sat us anyways. Though the food was good, can’t say it stood out any IMO. If I lived in the area, I could see myself going back, but I probably wouldn’t make a point of visiting again.

Road Trip 2012 058

Road Trip 2012 063

Road Trip 2012 065

In the morning, we waited a long time to eat at Tasty N Sons. It was worth the wait. Very recommended.

Road Trip 2012 073

Road Trip 2012 077

Road Trip 2012 078

Road Trip 2012 082

For lunch, we hit up Pok Pok, which was great. Highly recommended. Get the chicken wings. They were amazing. Afterwards, we got more dessert at Scoop.

Road Trip 2012 085

Road Trip 2012 088

Road Trip 2012 089

Road Trip 2012 095

Road Trip 2012 094

After that, we make the long drive to San Francisco…

Road Trip 2012 096

Road Trip 2012 099

Road Trip 2012 103

…and make a quick stop at Voodoo. It was alright.

Road Trip 2012 105

Road Trip 2012 106

Road Trip 2012 109

We arrive in SF really early in the morning, but wake up in order to get some Chinese baked goods at Napoleon Super Bakery, accompanied by Tiff, Alex, and Kelsey who were wonderful guides. The dan tats (all I cared about) were good!

Road Trip 2012 110

Road Trip 2012 114

Our planned lunch, Swan Oyster Depot, was unfortunately closed for Labor Day, so we hit up Shalimar instead where I got some brains to eat. It was tasty.

Road Trip 2012 116

Road Trip 2012 119

A few of us then went to get ice cream at Smitten which also was tasty.

Road Trip 2012 123

Road Trip 2012 120

Off to French Laundry we go, all dressed up!

Road Trip 2012 125

Road Trip 2012 126

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’d recommend French Laundry. While I don’t regret going, I wouldn’t go again. The food was good, but not good enough to justify the price (I’d much prefer Alinea), and the service was so formal, it was awkward. I guess some people may like that type of service, but I found it a bit stifling. We had a good time regardless though, and there were definitely a few dishes that were pretty tasty, I just can’t say I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

Road Trip 2012 128

Road Trip 2012 131

Road Trip 2012 133

Road Trip 2012 136

The next day, we go kind of crazy and book two lunches and two dinners. For first lunch, we go back to Swan Oyster Depot. I’m super glad we did. This place was awesome, especially the smoked salmon. Highly recommended.

Road Trip 2012 137

Road Trip 2012 141

Road Trip 2012 143

For second lunch, we went to a Burmese place, Burma Superstar. It was really good. Highly recommended. Nancy really liked the tofu.

Road Trip 2012 148

Road Trip 2012 151

Road Trip 2012 153

Road Trip 2012 144

After that, we hit up the Golden Gate Bridge and the Steinhart Aquarium.

Road Trip 2012 158

Road Trip 2012 160

Road Trip 2012 163

Road Trip 2012 164

Road Trip 2012 169

Road Trip 2012 171

Road Trip 2012 173

I’ll stop here for now. I’ll continue with first dinner tomorrow!


Doh, I’ve fallen behind on blogging again. Well, here are some pics from last month when Olivia and Garrick came down to visit with their doggies:

July Weekend 001

July Weekend 004

July Weekend 007

July Weekend 010

July Weekend 019

July Weekend 021

Dark Knight Rises was good, but unfortunately not as good as Dark Knight. Not surprising, but I had my hopes up. I went to the marathon showing with Chad and Mikey and I guess Dark Knight is a pretty tough act to follow. I plan on seeing it again in IMAX and potentially enjoying it more the second time now that I know what to expect. My initial reaction - I wish they dropped the whole Bane backstory and instead spent that time on the Batman sidekicks. I felt like they spread themselves a bit too thin and spent time on inconsequential stuff while not enough time on parts that could have been really awesome. Anyways, it certainly was no Spiderman 3 or X-Men 3, so can’t complain that much I suppose. =) But darn it, I really wanted to be bawling at the end of this movie!

I’ve gotten an interesting spike of recruiters from the west coast contacting me via LinkedIn recently. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it’s nice to know my profile is appealing I guess. ;)

At the end of the month, it’s WEST COAST ROAD TRIP TIME!