Busy Week

Argh, this week is going to be pretty yucky starting tomorrow. I’ve got an EE test on Wednesday and an Online Game Tech program due on Thurs (might use one late day on that though to make it Fri)… argh, then I gotta work with my Chinese partner to write our skit show. Uber yucky.

I’m kinda anxious for this semester to end now… it started off alright, but it seems like all my classes converge every once in a while to make a really hectic week, and those tire me out – I just want to finish and move on to the next semester. A new set of topics and teachers, please. =)

Also pretty excited about getting the apartment next year, should be lots of fun, can’t wait until moving in day. =)



Today marks the day when Van and I conquered Mark three times in a row in AOE2. Nevermind that he’s got a gimp hand and it was 2v1, of course. =) CHHHH HAAAHH.


It's April Fool's

Weeeeee. So… I beat 1:08:500 in Baby Park a few days ago… pass/failed two of my classes and should currently be studying for my Chinese quiz “tomorrow” but I’m really really not feeling like it. =)

OMan just turned 21! It’s kinda weird watching everyone hit the big 21, I always saw the 20’s as being so far away, I don’t feel it at all. Heck, I only have one more year left of school! AAAAAHHHHHH!!

I need to find something I can consistantly talk about on OWeb… I find it difficult to come up with stuff sometimes.