The Subway Sucks

I would’ve posted this up on Coconutcomics, but Matt has yet to give me the URL’s for the update pages. I will continue to search for them though. If Matt did not know he was supposed to, then my apologies. I told others to relay the message. But in any case, I hate Matt.



I would just like to make a statement.

Studying stinks.

Alright, another few statements…

Logic stinks.
Calculus stinks.

Ok, I’m done for tonight. Good night.


I found this.


I thrive upon being vague,
I suppose it’s something to do.
It releases me from the infinite plague
That never ceases to be you.

And yeah you’re causing me problems again,
So i pretend you’re probably not there.
Released from responsibility for my actions
By forcing myself to never care.

What am I thinking?
Or am i thinking at all?
My boat can’t possibly be sinking.
The water is just minutely tall.

There was a man who burned his hand,
And blamed it on the stove.
He subsequently buried it in the sand
And far away he drove.
In a new house he now resides.
His previous wife has long since died.
And longing for years that will never come
From his new life,
He only fails to hide.




First, something random that Andrew sent to me, that I found funny…

I hate him...

What the heck is this!?!??!

Run nfor your lives!!!!

oh… just Sarah…
Saraleepastry03: take it offffffffffff
Saraleepastry03: put up another normal one
Saraleepastry03: some people never see me and now they’re like GROSS who’s that FREAK?

and now, for the ritual sacrifice of crap…

I really despise this waste of oxygen and space... someday to make the world a better place he should commit suicide... die you stupid punk...

Saraleepastry03: why does it say I hate brown boy? Please tell me that’s some joke I don’t get and not the obvious thing

ok, i’ll leave this page alone for now.



That’s cereal…and there’s many more boxes of cereal in this room. Chad your room is disgusting you know that? There’s always a different odor every time you walk in. I think the cleanest thing in here, is the new package of SOCKS that you have yet opened. See? your room is so messy u can’t even find bowls. Are you sure you even have bowls??