Not Amused

Not amused

I accidently left Kathy’s towel on the beach overnight and we thought it was lost. This picture isn’t of when she found out I left it, but it captures pretty much the same emotion, haha.

Luckily, some kind people at a beach house closer to the beach picked up the towel and put it on their stairs… =)


Ticks on her head... or something

Some of us get ticks and fleas and stuff and we have to help each other out and pick them out of our hair. This is a shot of this particular exercise where Nancy is eating the ticks off of Julie’s head.

Sometimes, brain functions turn of in this process which is why Julie is going “duuuuuuuuuurrrrrhhhhhh.”

No idea

No idea what's going on

I really have no clue what’s going on here, but it makes me laugh, so here you go. Haha… I guess Mark’s jumping over Viraj, but what in the world is Julie doing? Practicing? =)

Rx Girls

Rx Girls

This is Nancy and Julie trying to make Rx in the sand… however, since I’m not 12 feet tall and was on the lower side of the beach, you can’t really tell all that well… it just looks kinda disturbing. =)



This is what happens to Viraj when he drinks too much. We played a drinking game where I drank Gatorade and during some points in the game, Viraj had to drink until I stopped drinking. That, among some other things, did not bode well for him.


Thanks for the trip, guys… was lots of fun.

I think I’m losing my voice because of all the singing my car did on the way to and back from the beach… was lots of fun, guys. =) Umm… more later. Bed time now. Uploading pics while I sleep…

Hello Blog

Boo! Ok, so I’ve taken a long hiatus away from blogging. Mostly because I didn’t have anything blog worthy to talk about (or the blog wasn’t worthy of receiving what I wanted to talk about. =)

There are lots of interesting tid bits I learn at work that would make great blog entries, but I’d be violating so many contracts and laws, I don’t think it’d bode well for me. So… um… work is interesting. ;)

Yesterday, Andrew and I installed an aux audio input into my car. Unfortunately, I left my iPod at work and didn’t really have a good way to test it other than a cruddy old Sony CD player. I think something happened and the wire got loose cause now I only get audio from the right speakers. Doh… gotta crack open the center console again…


I just finished talking to Nancy for too long online and I was going to try to blog about something, but now my battery is running out and it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow so this is all you get, one really long run on sentence.