Meatcation III

I’ve got two weeks off until I start at Mass Relevance, and it just so happened that Andrew is in Austin for the first of those weeks, so it seemed like a good time to have Meatcation III! Here are some highlights with the rest being here. will get you to past Meatcations. =)

On Sunday, we had sliders:
Meatcation III 008

…and bone marrow from Salt & Time:
Meatcation III 009

On Monday, we made some crazy cryoseared duck:

Meatcation III 026

Meatcation III 029

On Tuesday, we made (way too much) pot au feu with veal shank, beef shank, garlic sausage, beef bone marrows, and an assortment of spices, veggies, and potatoes. This is a picture of one pot. We amateurily bought enough to fill three (a pot next to this one as well as a large crock pot, elsewhere). I’ve been having this for lunch the past few days…

Meatcation III 032

Meatcation III 034

Wednesday was quail enchiladas:

Meatcation III 042

Meatcation III 043

Then on Thursday, we went to the opening of Qui and were the first ones in the door!

Meatcation III 053

Meatcation III 059

Meatcation III 064

Meatcation III 067

Tomorrow’s Friday! Gotta get down on Friday.

Pics after it happens. =)


I’m moving to Mueller! I’m getting something that looks like this, but not as crazy (it’s the model home, so it’s got a bunch of the extra craziness in it). I’ll be pretty close to the new Mueller HEB and will have no more yard to maintain (yay!).

I’m a little worried I’ll regret not having a yard for the dogs to run around, but it will force me to walk them, which is probably a good thing. I’ll have to make some visits to the dog parks so Mozilla can get his sprinting on. Deciding whether I want to sell or rent my current home (leaning towards selling). Home switching is such a hassle! I’m pretty excited about my new location though.

In other news, I’m also psyched about this new Superman movie. It better not be a let down like the last one.