Busy Weekend

So, on Saturday, I went to Displace Me with OMan and I look lots of pictures.

I also used the opportunity to buy a Polaroid camera. I’ve always thought they were pretty cool and they’re not very pricey, either! It’s the film that gets you, I suppose. =) Rest of the pics on my flickr.

Today, Vox Veniae went to a park to help restore it. So I took a bunch of pics from that too… but I haven’t uploaded them yet, so I’ll post them later.

An Early Mother's Day

So a little while ago, I had this idea of something to do for my mom. I started early to give myself a good chance at getting it done before Mother’s Day. Well, things turned out to move a lot faster than expected and I got to surprise my mom with a pretty early Mother’s Day gift today.

Nearly every person that meets my mom always tells me how awesome she is. She’s the type of person that blesses everyone around her. Of every single person I’ve known in my life, I think she deserves this type of gift the most. It’s not uncommon for me to happen upon someone or a group of people that just blurts out “oh! I met/saw your mom today and she’s so sweet!” I’ve said this before, but all I can ever do is smile, nod, and agree because I know it’s true.

When Oriana got baptized she talked about how much our mom loves us. She pretty much brought everyone there to tears and I honestly don’t really know what else she talked about because I was too busy crying and trying to take pictures through my tears. You know a love is strong when a 15 year old girl can say one sentence and convey such a powerful emotion that an entire crowd will weep with joy. I think everyone was touched because the love that she’s shown us was so strong, that through just a few words, they got to feel a little of what true love is like. Of all the loves I’ve seen and experienced, the love my mom has not only shown to us as her kids, but to everyone around her, has been the strongest and truest. It is through her love that I get a glimpse of what God’s love is like and I have been incredibly blessed by that.

There is nothing I can do to repay my mom for being so wonderful, but today I got to give her something she very much deserves. She’s done so many things and blessed so many people, it was my honor and pleasure to give something I knew she wanted to her. Enjoy, Mommy, and happy (early) Mother’s Day. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. =)


Thanks for Kat for taking pics.

A lump and jobs

So I went to the doctor this morning and found out that the lump in my foot is a ganglion cyst, which is rather harmless. That is good. =)

My company, Bazaarvoice, which is quite awesome, is looking to hire a lot of people. Check out the jobs page and drop me an email if you’re interested. I cannot express how exciting and fun it is to work there. =)

Note to self

Here is a good blog post on color space issues on Macs.

Also, note to others: Shane Claiborne is coming to speak at Vox tomorrow. He wrote Irresistible Revolution which I’ve found to be a pretty challenging and interesting book. He was mentored by Tony Campolo, who came to speak when Liquid was at Red River a while ago.

We’ll also be showing another video from the Invisible Children people. I’m not sure what the title is (might be the same: “Invisible Children?”) but this one is about when they went back a second time.

Anyways, the more the merrier, come come!