Class and Stuff

Well, I’ve got a decent amount of web-stuff to do… which is taking a decent amount of my time, but oh well. =)

My classes seem pretty cool… Computer Networks - we’re doing some neat stuff with actual real examples (ie. something called the Internet). Computer Graphics - OpenGL time! Computer Architecture - the prof. worked at IBM and now at Intel… he helped with the G5 core and the maybe-soon-to-be Pentium 5. Pretty neat. Comp Arch looks like it’ll be pretty fun too, it’s the class I’m looking forward to the most.



uhhh… so I was compiling KDE and at the same time and I managed to use over 2GB up in the compilation of the two of those, which resulted in me using up 100% of that partition. Oops. Time for # parted /dev/hda.

In contrast, my 7GB partition for /home is using less than 4% of that allocated space. I think I know where to put some of that extra space….



Gentoo is up and running! I’ve got a lot to configure though, like various power saving stuff, suspend, etc. etc. I think I just got my audio working and started compiling stuff… at the moment, apache, php, samba, and grip are compiling, so I decided I should probably let those finish before I compile anymore. =)

Ooohh! Samba finished! bbl



After a long while of abstaining from using GIMP because of it’s horrible (well, IMHO) UI compared to Photoshop (okay, maybe that’s just because I’m used to PS now)… I took a stab at 1.3.17 (the latest devel version), and I must say, I am VERY VERY impressed by how much they’ve improved it.

Now, they have a menu bar above the image, as well as the crazy right click menu, which is very helpful because I hated that right click thing (again, probably just used to Photoshop). It didn’t import my PSD’s very nicely, but that’s alright, just would have been a nice perk. There are a few nice things missing (ie. preview on a lot of the filters/script-fu’s) but it definately is getting there.

I’d say give it another few months and I may begin trying to use it instead of Photoshop for my designs. GOOOOO (legally =) FREE SOFTWARE!