Late Night Googling

Not sure if this was me, but that’s kinda wierd. I don’t remember that.

Mark lives in Illinois.

Dunno what this means, but they want to know where Chad is.

There are way too many Van Nguyens, and Nancy has a Candy Candy website.

Nathan has an INSANE amount of stuff on GameFaqs… what a nerd. haha ;) (hey, this one’s real too)

… oooohhh… I found something interesting…

“I’m Segaholic2, known as Nathan Tsui in the real world. I’m 18, a resident of Texas (which is the greatest state ever), and hoping to get into college this fall. I love Sega (obviously), and Sonic Team especially, if that’s not a crime by now. I’m also very Asian, which makes me irresistible to teh ladies… Okay, just one. Yuss, I am the luckiest guy on the planet because the coolest girl in the universe likes me. Uhh… Enough gloating.” (- from here)

… searching for “Sam Ni” results in Google wanting me to search for “samuni”