So I was talking about this with a friend and decided I’d dust off ol’ blog to potentially hit a broader audience.

Is there anyone out there that also sees the Disney logo and doesn’t immediately recognize the first letter as a D?


So when I see the Disney logo, I have to very consciously shift my focus to see the letter D. I have a hypothesis that maybe this is because I knew of and recognized the Disney logo before I knew how to read and the whole thing turned into a symbol for me during a time when I primarily identified the logo/word by the bottom left part of the D (the part that kind of loops, which is not a very typical D). Honestly, I don’t think it was until late elementary school or middle school that I even realized it was supposed to be a D and not just some made up symbol.

To better visualize what I’m talking about, this is kind of what I initially see:




So… anyone else out there have this too? =)

I also have a story about my nerdy self in middle school to blog about, but I’ll save that for another time.

Almost there!

Well, I guess I’m at a once a month cadence of blog posts. My builder is supposedly still on track for a September 30th closing date. cross fingers I’ll be picking up boxes and starting to pack this weekend. Wooo!

Mass Rel has “MR Nights” every Tuesday where a bunch of us (mostly devs, but not limited to) hang out late and we invite outsiders to join us at the office (or somewhere else nearby). A week ago, I had a bunch of my old BV team over and it was good to work late with them again, even if it wasn’t on the same stuff. =) That team meshed together in a way that will be hard to replicate and I’m starting to appreciate the experience more as I reflect on it. We’ve since scattered into the winds, so it’s likely to be a unique experience, though I’m optimistic to have other positive unique experiences in the future. =) That’s also not to knock on my time at MR thus far at all. I’m having a pretty good time there too.

I swear, it’s not me that picked the music:

I really want to make a duckling.js but I have no idea what to make it do so the minified version can be called ugly.duckling.js. Someone help me with ideas.

On the MTG front, I’m really looking forward to Theros. It seems pretty fun so far from the spoilers. I’ve been avoiding going to drafts of M14 because it’s so boring after having RTR block.

And… sibling hangout!

Sibling Hangout

Mass Relevance

Dang, blog. Sorry it’s been so long. =)

I was holding off on mentioning this because there was so much I wanted to talk about, but I’ll just go ahead and throw it out there and if there’s anything else for me to say, I’ll do it another time. =p After about 6.5 years at Bazaarvoice, I’m off to Mass Relevance starting July 1. BV’s been such a great experience filled with lots of opportunity for me that it’s bittersweet to say goodbye. The team I’ve been on for the past year-ish has been awesome and I’d be lucky to experience that type of passion, camaraderie, and teamwork in the future. I’ll miss you guys!

That said, it’s time I start a new adventure, so I’m headed to MR where I’ll have the benefit of working with a lot of ex-BVers who I think highly of. If they switch to first.last email addresses before I get there I’ll be very sad! ;)

I added more to my nerd XP by going to a Magic draft with Jonney on Wednesday. Despite drafting what I thought was the worst deck I’ve ever drafted, I got second place with it, so that’s good I guess. I’ve always thought that Magic was a game I could be really competitively good at if I wanted to invest the time into it and “go pro” despite how silly that sounds (hey, some of the prizes are no joke though). =) That said, I don’t know if I can handle playing it for days straight.


Happy post-Valentine’s Day, yos! All you single people complaining, just shut your yappers and do something productive. ;)

Hopefully this isn’t the only post I end up making this month, but I’m finding it hard to come up with topics I can talk about here.

I ended up buying some MJNA stock a little while back and it’s been doing well. I didn’t really buy enough to make any significant dent one way or the other, but it’s fun to say I’ve made money buying/sell marijuana. =p

Beautiful Creatures came out recently and Oriana has been driving me crazy just begging me to take her. Something about a yearning in her loins or something. So weird. Yesterday, I caught her combing her hair looking at yourself in the mirror whispering “you’re a beautiful creature.” I may have to give in and take her or I may find myself asleep forever.*

My Volt has been pretty satisfactory so far. The air dam at the front of the car is super low to the ground and it scrapes every so often whenever I go through various inclines. Supposedly it’s built to withstand that type of thing and it’s expected, but it’s mildy annoying. The central panel controls are also annoying, most of them not being actual buttons. That said, I have yet to visit a gas station after going over 1200 miles (I still have about half a tank left). It’s not really fair, but looking at gas alone, I’ve probably done something like 280MPG. ;) I did end up doing the calculation for how much fully charging the car costs, and during this time of the year it’s about $0.65, which gets me about 37 miles. So if I do the miles per dollar calculation, it’s probably something in the ballpark of 36 miles per $1. FYI, during the summer, I expect a full charge to be about $1. Honestly, I’m not sure if it makes sense to buy the Volt purely based on the travel cost savings, but it’s a fun metric to look at.

*-This is basically all a lie.


Argh, I’m starting to fall behind on blogging again.

I’ve been pretty busy recently. The new team I’m on at BV has me pumped up. I’m having the most fun I’ve had in a while. Great team and exciting work. I spent most of this past weekend working on various coding projects (not necessarily BV related). It’s been a goal of mine to write more open-source code and this past week I managed to send some code to a project and I wrote my own simple JS validation library (still rather immature). I called it TooLegit, haha. ;) Looking forward to writing more.

Last weekend, I also participated in RHoK Austin, which was fun.

Chad and Nancy got a new golden puppy, which has yet to be named. Here’s a video of Mozilla playing with it:

I’ve got some pics… they’re on Facebook right now. I’ll send them to Flickr and post them here later.

The Jorbs

A few months ago, I moved to a new team at work. I have no idea if I’m violating any insider trading rules by talking about it in detail, so I won’t. =) That said, I’m having a lot of fun on it now and I’m writing a whole heck of a lot of JavaScript which I’ve grown fond of. JS used to have kind of a “kiddie” language stigma to it back in the day, but I’ve learned it’s actually quite powerful and works pretty well for a lot of asynchronous tasks (which, in the world of the web, happen all the time). I’m itching to get some more open source projects (small ones, even) on my github account. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to soon.

I’ve got a few photos stuck in the camera that I haven’t processed yet from these past few weekends. I’ll get to them eventually.

Tomorrow night, Chad, Sam, Beika and I are going to see BATTLESHIP at midnight because it’s AWESOME. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s quite terrible, but I’m hoping in an awesome way. If someone yells “YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!” I’ll call the whole adventure a success. I’ll give you all an update on how this goes. Stay tuned.

What's in a name?

Okay, I’m seriously considering changing my middle name for reasons I won’t dive into right now, but maybe you can ask me in person if you’re really curious. The real point of this post is that I’m not entirely sure what I want to change it to. Currently, I have two comical front-runners and no other solid ideas.

  1. Danger

  2. Tyrone/Tirone

I don’t think I could actually commit to going with Tyrone, but Danger is sounding fairly appealing to me at the moment. I’m looking for something clever/fun so if you have ideas, share!

Oh! I should mention… this is NOT and April 1st joke. =P

In other news, I found a wonderful program to make fake Magic cards and had a blast of a time creating Sam and Viraj cards. I’m sure Gene, Liang, Mark, and Sam can attest to the many giggles that came from my desk as I tinkered with this. I was so pleased with myself. Here are draft versions of two Virajs. You’ll have to wait for the Sam one. I think I’m going to redo what I’ve got.



I’m in Hawaii! Today, I plan on not doing much at all. =)

I’ll post pics and videos later (though you can probably find a decent amount of pics on Facebook/Flickr). For now, I will leave you this:


Also, Oriana told me a while ago she threw away the copy of Twilight I got her from London (so what if it was infected with glitter?!). I am very disappointed, so I think I will be giving her some more copies from airports around the world…

For Oriana