Catch up

The poor blog’s been neglected. I’ve been very busy!

Back when Sam and I roomed together in Jester, I had this half bottle of chocolate milk that I thought would be fun to seal up with tape and then leave on my shelf… well, that’s basically what happened until we moved out. It was probably there for a whole semester or two until we finally threw it away. It was quite solid by that time. Anyways, something reminded me of this on Facebook, so I went looking for a picture of it. I didn’t find that, but I thought I’d tell you about it. =p

I also went on a hunt for an old W2. I didn’t find that either, but I found an old yearbook, so I took a trip down memory lane and went through a few old things and took pictures of them.

Here’s my Senior Scrap Book and some select pages:

Senior Scrap Book 004

Senior Scrap Book 008

Senior Scrap Book 012

Senior Scrap Book 013

Senior Scrap Book 014

Like I mentioned earlier, I found an old yearbook and and noticed that Chad, Nancy and myself made a good concentration of photos since we were usually placed around the same general area. There’s not really another set of my friends that had this same clump. I took some pics going back to middle school, too.

Chad and I, 1997 (7th grade). The writing’s from Nancy, years later.

Chad, Oliver, 1997. Writing is by Nancy a number of years later. I think this is my favorite school photo of myself.

Chad and Nancy, 1999 (10th grade). They messed up my photo and put me somewhere else with a different name.

Chad, Nancy, 1999. They messed mine up and put me somewhere else.

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2000 (11th grade):

While looking for something else, I found my 2000 yearbook. It's me + Nancy + Chad!

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2001 (12th grade):

Chad, Nancy, Oliver, 2001

For fun, here’s one of Olivia and Doris (2001):

Doris, Olivia, 2001

A few weekends ago, Van came into town for his brother’s wedding. We decided to treat him to Uchi, and then decided that we couldn’t let him go back to Boston without having the brussel sprouts and fried milk from Uchiko, so we immediately went there afterwards. The waiter at Uchiko was quite pleased when we told him what we had done, haha.

Taking Van to Uchi!

For my birthday, my family got me a Nest at my request. It’s pretty!

Birthday present! Thanks, family!