Pee Party II

Liang brought over Kiba to play with Mozilla today. The last time this happened, there was pee everywhere, including all over my couch, so it was dubbed the “pee party.” I was hoping for an improvement this time and it was better, but…

I got my 5D Mark III and it’s been a very pleasant experience so far. I’ve really only taken photos of Mozilla, though. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 1

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 3

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 5

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 11

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 14

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 19

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 20

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 23

Mozilla - 5D Mark III 25

Olivia brought to my attention that Mozilla now has a unibrow. =( However, I will say that he has an “M” for Mozilla on his head.

Mozilla Fart

Mozilla just farted in his sleep. =(

Here’s a set of tweets that makes me smile (it’s from newest to oldest, so you probably want to read it in reverse).

My 5D Mark III comes in tomorrow! YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

I asked the social networks whether or not it was weird that I sometimes like going to the movies by myself. I got a number of responses that seemed to indicate that that is not one of the reasons that makes me weird. I haven’t gone in a while by myself, but it does feel appealing occasionally. I never really got why movie-going was viewed as such a social event, since you don’t really interact while watching the movie. There are certainly some exceptions (like watching Expendables next to OMan - that makes the movie uber awesome), but it seems most people viewed going alone sometimes positively.

I posted a few pics from Andrew and Jen’s engagement party thing to flickr. I wasn’t really out to document the entire event (there were plenty of other photographers there), so I just have a few random ones. I wish I had actually taken at least one picture of Jen though (sorry!). Here’re a few and some of the after-party:

March Stuff 1

March Stuff 4

March Stuff 8

March Stuff 10

March Stuff 12

March Stuff 14

March Stuff 16

Heart Uchiko

I used to have a hard time answering what my favorite restaurant was in Austin, but over the past few months, Uchiko has solidified itself as one I give. I usually like to get the tasting menu and getting surprised. That means the experience fluctuates and sometimes it’s better than others (but they’re all really good), but I really like not having to make decisions and getting a variety of tastes that I probably wouldn’t have if I chose dishes myself.

Chad, Nancy, Mark and I went to Uchiko today for the start of restaurant week and it was pretty good. I didn’t think about bringing my camera and taking any pics, so you get none. =) We went there at 5PM cause they were full on reservations and I didn’t want to end up waiting a million hours during “prime dinner time.” We ended up not having to wait long at all and they didn’t seem too packed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were busier later though, just something to note for those of you who want to go there and may not have reservations (get there early instead!).

Mozilla has started to shed a bunch and I think we’ve entered into the “blowing the coat” phase that happens twice a year. I’ve been taking him outside and combing him almost every day and I get a good bit of fur every time. He cooperates pretty well though, so that’s good. I’ve seen photos of shibas blowing their coat that look all funky, but Mozilla still looks to have a pretty good coat (not patchy), so we’ll see if that sticks.


A storm's a brewin'!

Whenever I write a blog post while it’s raining, it reminds me of Sam. You can ask him about that sometime. While you’re at it, you can also ask him about the time he watched me as I slept in our Jester dorm and imagined what it would be like if I were a girl and we were watching the sun rise together. I never asked him how that story ended in his head, but I’m pretty sure it’s not pretty.

Speaking of sleep, here’s one of Mozilla sleeping next to my modem:

Mozilla sleeping at my feet next to the modem and compressed air. Extra fur puffing out at his neck, haha.

A few days ago, Mozilla ran out the front door for the first time (I blame Mark). Greg and I chased after him and despite the worry in me that he’d get run over by a car, I was fairly amused by how elated he looked. He ran across the street a few times and went as far as two houses down, but he came back and started sniffing a bush for long enough for me to sneak up on him and grab his leg. After learning how fun it was to run free, he snuck out again later as Greg was leaving, but Greg managed to corral him back into the house. Shiba inus are infamous for not having good recall and while he’s not bad when he’s in the backyard (I’ve been positively reinforcing him by giving him treats after calling him back), that doesn’t work at all when he’s out front, so I’m going to have to take more care with making sure he doesn’t sneak out.

Take this broken heart,
if it brings You praise,
Take this beaten soul,
shivering hands I will raise.

Hope Unstoppable,
Sing the morning sun,
Wake up oh sleeper,
the Daylight has come.
- Brave Saint Saturn


Chad, Nancy, Mark, Julie, Dean and I went to Kauai last week. TC was supposed to come, but he got all lame and bailed out. Sam had “school” or something and Viraj was Viraj.

Here are some pics!

I arrived early and stayed at a hotel for a night. In the morning as I waited for the rest to show up, here is where I chilled:
Hawaii Day 1 001

This is the upper floor of the house we rented:
Hawaii Day 1 012

We went on a crazy four mile hike (one way). On the way, Mark and Chad posed. Nancy’s prompt to Chad was “do something awesome like Mark.”
Hawaii Day 2 016

Hawaii Day 2 026

Hawaii Day 2 028

These girls had this awesome dog on the hike that followed us for a while:
Hawaii Day 2 031

Hawaii Day 2 033

This was the waterfall at the end (or middle… depending on how you think about it…)!
Hawaii Day 2 048

Hawaii Day 2 055

Mark and I swam in this… it was very cold.
Hawaii Day 2 056

This was the beach next to our house:
Hawaii Day 3 008

At a luau:
Hawaii Day 3 010

Hawaii Day 3 014

Visiting Pearl Harbor:
Hawaii Day 4 001

Hawaii Day 4 006

Hawaii Day 4 013

Hawaii Day 4 018

Hawaii Day 4 020

Hawaii Day 4 024

We kayaked then hiked to another waterfall:
Hawaii Day 5 014

Hawaii Day 5 023

Hawaii Day 5 024

Chad chilled back at the kayaks because he wore slippers:
Hawaii Day 5 030

Kayaking back:
Hawaii Day 5 032

Nancy and Julie commandeer my camera and I find this in the morning:
Hawaii Day 5 037

(Almost) passed out:
Hawaii Day 5 038

We drove out to this secluded beach and played ultimate in the rain:
Hawaii Day 6 042

Hawaii Day 6 045

Hawaii Day 6 046

Double bombed:
Hawaii Day 6 050

Hawaii Day 6 052

Hawaii Day 6 053

Hawaii Day 6 058

We visited Waimea Canyon (pictures don’t do this justice):
Hawaii Day 6 065

Hawaii Day 6 069

Hawaii Day 6 072

Chad and I wore our horrible Singapore shirts to dinner:
Hawaii Day 6 074

More on flickr!


I’m in Hawaii! Today, I plan on not doing much at all. =)

I’ll post pics and videos later (though you can probably find a decent amount of pics on Facebook/Flickr). For now, I will leave you this:


Also, Oriana told me a while ago she threw away the copy of Twilight I got her from London (so what if it was infected with glitter?!). I am very disappointed, so I think I will be giving her some more copies from airports around the world…

For Oriana