Random Thoughts

My Ode to Love

Ever meet that special girl
That makes your knees weak
And creates butterflies in your stomach?
Me too……
But I say screw it.
Let’s go eat some Oreos.


Chad Stuff

Well, as you may have noticed, there’s a new section on the sidebar now… “Chad Stuff”… nothing in it right now, but there will be. I just gotta give Chad his login/password and he’ll be adding his stories/poetry soon. Enjoy (soon). =)


Fan Mail And Other Important Information

Hey does everyone know what today is? Today is a very special day… but what day is it? Well, ok ok, I’ll tell you… today is…

Happy Birthday Olivia!

On a boring sidenote…several times a day, we now get Fan Mail for the Nine Inch Nose Hairs. It’s great! Today however, we got my favorite fan email so far…

Wow, not what I expected, but very funny! I hit play at my desk at work and was diving for the speaker volume as our CFO was walking by, looking very suspiciously at my PC.
“What the heck is that?” he said.
“I’m not sure, but they’re from Austin” I replied.
“Oh” he mumbled. “Is that really Pat Buchanan?” he asked.
“I don’t think so” I replied.
He went back to his office. I don’t think I’ll see him near my desk for the rest of the day. For that alone I owe you guys a big thanks

Greetings to Austin from my dark corner cubicle in New York


If you’re confused, we recorded a track called Buchanans Concession Speech about the elections… it was me talking, not Buchanan. He admitted defeat, and well, its pretty funny. If you want to hear it sometime, tell someone, we’ll try and figure out a way you can.


Youth & Government

Well, we did it. I’m in Youth & Government, which is this cool thing where we get to do mock-trials and there is a huge student legislature and so on…Well I’m on an attorney team as a witness, and we won our first round today! This also happened to be the district competition. So I’ll be going to state….Congratulate me. Now, grovel at my feet, knaves! WAHAHAH…ahem….excuse me.