Overdue Pics and Stuff

Ok, as promised, here are some of those puppy pics:

More Ally Bro 005

More Ally Bro 006

More Ally Bro 009

More Ally Bro 011

More Ally Bro 013

More Ally Bro 016

More Ally Bro 029

Also, these earrings that I ordered a while ago came in:

Chomp chomp earings! They're not for me, but they were so awesome I had to buy them. Hopefully'll make a good gift for a potential misses.

They’re NOT for me, but they were too awesome for me not to get. I’m guessing they’ll go to some lucky nerd girl at some point, haha.

This past week, I gave a demo to the entire company, which is quite a lot of people now. It thankfully went well, which was awesome because the demo crashed and burned at the dry-run we had, but I guess that’s why you have dry-runs. =) I’m generally not nervous when presenting on topics I’m knowledgeable about, but now that we’re a couple hundred people and presentations like this are more of a production, I was really feeling the pressure. Like I said, it went well though, so I’ve got nothing to complain about. =)

Rapid fire news!

  • I ordered a new MacBook Pro (retina, of course).

  • Sam decided to introduce me to new people. ;)

  • Mozilla’s been farting a lot today. Think I’m going to switch to another brand of food.

  • Viraj ditched us this weekend for his cousins, who I guess he’s contracted Sam’s issue because according to Andrew, he’s really flirty with them. =)

  • BV All-Hands and TXJS

Oh, and I guess I’ll steal this from Oriana: