Snow Day

Okay, this post is late, I know. I’m sure all of you know it snowed yesterday. Well, did you know what my backyard looked like? Probably not!


Now you do!

On snow day, BV closed the office early, so Ryan and I went home at around 1PM. Later, I took a break from working at home and went to play some frisbee in the snow. YES, SNOW FRISBEEEEEEEEEE. Needless to say, that was quite awesome and I froze my hands, battered my shins some more, but had a lot of fun. Now I just need it to pour… then we can have POURING RAIN FRISBEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

In other news, Sam apparently has no idea how a machine dishwasher works and decided to put a bunch of palmolive hand dishwashing liquid into the machine instead of using the huge box of Cascade I have under my sink (you know, where everyone puts their dishwasher detergent). The next day, I opened it and was greeted with a bunch of bubbles and unclean dishes.

I’ve also grown a liking to bothering my sisters online…