Late Night Chats

Owiber: the hunger… it beckons…
Stab you so much: I bet it does
Owiber: bloooooood
Stab you so much: Ooh, I’m always up for that!
Stab you so much: You aiming for some nice juicy harlots, or just whoever happens to be around?
Owiber: Andrew is sleeping
Stab you so much: Ahh, excellent. Is his blood clean, though? I mean, he IS Indian
Owiber: might give it flavor
Stab you so much: True
Stab you so much: Has the deed been done yet?
Owiber: well, I put up an image with our convo on oliverweb
Owiber: that’s about it
Stab you so much: Aww, good enough
Stab you so much: Then Andrew shall know the fate that awaits him, and his heart shall quiver with fear

TeknoJunichiro: poo head
Auto response from Owiber: exist oliver where oliver is studying logic
Owiber: you’re a poo head
TeknoJunichiro: nope
TeknoJunichiro: you are
Owiber: butthead
TeknoJunichiro: monkey face
Owiber: I’m… hungry
Owiber: HUNGER
TeknoJunichiro: hungry for loving

aoushi: think destiny
aoushi: lol
Owiber: aha!
Owiber: someday
aoushi: she’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…
Owiber: my wife will be the defender of the universe
aoushi: Whoa, I won’t go that far
Owiber: like Voltron
aoushi: ugh, you destroyed my romantic thoughts
aoushi: I’m going to bed



I would like to thank everyone for the “happy birthdays” and gifts… ranging from Andrew’s fake “I told them to put up a happy b-day sign for you” to Viraj’s umm… “song.”… =)



So yeah, Alex tells me that My Sassy Girl has english subtitles, so I go download it off Kazaa… I start to watch it and discover that it’s in Korean with Chinese (I think?) subtitles… so it isn’t helping me much.

As far as I can tell from watching 20 minutes of it is that this girl is being pretty mean to this guy and he’s having a lot of things go wrong for him because he helped her out… or something like that.

I’ve given up so far though until I can find an english version. =)


Pee in Pants

I am about to pee my pants. OH MAN IS THIS PHONE COOL!!!!

I turned on the IR port on the phone… and enabled the IR port on my gbox… put the phone up to the gbox and BADA-BING! “Another computer with a wireless connection is available. Click here to connect to computer T68” Then I just clicked and sent my TMNT.IMY file I created earlier to the phone which it automatically added to my sounds list…

OooOoOOoohhhh… my baby… my baby… precious… precious… my… precious…