Yet more StUfF

Wow, I’m adding a lot of stuff today =) Okay, I’ve added a StUfF page to OliverWEB. =) It will be my misc. page. Oh, and if any of you want me to link to your site, just email me your site name and URL and I’ll add it to the “More Stuff” sidebar. Hmmm… anything else?… Oh yeah, make sure you guys at least sign the Guestbook when you visit here so I know who’s been here without having to search through all my logs…


Grand Opening!

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of OliverWEB! =) Not everything is up yet (and I assure you, there will be tons more stuff). Today, I’ll be getting some pictures from HEB… I’ll scan them in tonight maybe. Right now, the message board, guestbook, and Boredom2 (including Quotes) pages are up. Make sure you check them all out ;) Have fun!

Oh, and there will be tons of inside jokes on this site… so if something seems weird, strange, or whatever (like the “Anon is funny” part in the intro) it’s probably an inside joke. =)