Funny Stuff Again

i had this conversation with Grace, it’s like the Penny-Arcades, very funny i thought.

Nosliwc156: have you ever played Counter-Strike?
Nosliwc156: sigh….
AngeLuve16: haha, harvey plays it
AngeLuve16: I hate it
Nosliwc156: it rocks a monkey
Nosliwc156: does Harvey have an AIM name/
Nosliwc156: ?
AngeLuve16: cause he’ll sit there and play while I’m at his house =(
AngeLuve16: no, he doesn’t use AIM
Nosliwc156: lol, it is that enthralling
Nosliwc156: what a shame
Nosliwc156: it IS a great game though
AngeLuve16: he at least got smart and turned the volume down when we’re on the phone
Nosliwc156: despite your biased opinion
Nosliwc156: lol
AngeLuve16: the “fire on the hole!” was kind ofa dead giveaway that he wasn’t listening to me
AngeLuve16: but he studies all day now… no time for gracey or counterstrike =(
Nosliwc156: you’re making me laugh REALLY hard
Nosliwc156: reminds me of a comic that makes me laugh a lot
AngeLuve16: I don’t understand the appeal of the game
Nosliwc156: haha
AngeLuve16: and why they can’t learn to say other things…