OoOoooOoh Aaaaaaah

It’s quite amazing how the visual aspects of Linux desktop environments have improved since I first started playing with it. Here’s a page that has a review of Corel Linux (one of the first distros I tried out)… man was that ugly. I think I still have the squeezy pengiun that came with mine (though his head is falling off).

A modern Ubuntu system with GNOME 2.12 is now more akin to this. Man, five years can make a huge difference. =)

… Crap… it’s been five years?!

Not only does it look better but GNOME has improved quite a bit in usability as well. Things are automounting, there are more multimedia applications, it’s crazy! I haven’t really tried a recent build of KDE yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the itch to change soon and I’ll give that a spin as well.