iPod on Shuffle

I’ve got my iPod on shuffle right now and it played World Without End just now. I think Nancy’s mentioned the chorus of that song being one of her favorites and I am in total agreement.

“In the soundless awe and wonder,
words fall short to hope again.
How beautiful,
how vast your love is,
new forever,
world without an end.” - Five Iron Frenzy

I have a presentation/training to give in a few hours and I’m really tired of looking at PowerPoint slides.

I’ve got a few things queued up on my to-do list now…

  • VoxVeniae.com work

  • owiber.com work <– still a little iffy on what I want to do with this

  • andrewapproved.com work <– this is going to be good =)

  • take more pictures

  • get more proficient with Photoshop

  • Nike+ XML data stuff

Mmmmm… if only I didn’t need to sleep…