Februaries Past

Having about ten years of blog history is pretty awesome. Since I’m out of commission for ultimate, I’m just sitting at home reading through past February blog posts to avoid being super bored. Here’re my summaries:

  • 2009 - I closed on my house! It’s been a year!

  • 2008 - Looks like I had a lull in my blogging during this time period… but roughly around this time, we completed the endless setlist in the first Rock Band

  • 2007 - My first start to finish Bazaarvoice client, Toshiba, launched with Ratings & Reviews

  • 2006 - I swapped out an image of Pikachu that people were hotlinking for a picture of Viraj

  • 2005 - I made a post about chicken, and apparently hit level 47 in WoW

  • 2004 - I was complaining about Chinese being a lot of work

  • 2003 - I don’t even know what to say here… I was really nerdy. A bad joke about a girl and/or Perl? Oh my…

  • 2002 - I apparently had quite a few other people than myself posting on OliverWEB… but other than that, looks like I was working on MrTechHappy.com

  • 2001 - I posted the “All your base are belong to us” animated gif

  • 2000 - I did nothing for a few months other than upload some pics

Whew. =p