Some pics

Here are some pics!

“HDR” Bazaarvoice team in front of our new building signage:

Bazaarvoice Building Sign HDR

And here’re some pics of my room… but Sam ruined one of them.

New Room 003

New Room 002

New Room 001

Today, I played ultimate which was awesome, but my toes hurt and it was hot. It was still awesome though. My face was really red for a while afterwards… I should probably put sunscreen on it next time. After that, we watched the USA/Ghana game and grilled steak (I should say Mark grilled the steak and we ate it). Then, there was a lot of UT2004’ing (I took a nap during a few rounds of that though).

Now, I’m just chilling to some Jars of Clay. Oh, I also did more work on, including an under-construction Sam Ni soundboard (“Samboard”) (warning: profanity).