Cool Site

I like this site…

Just in case you’ve ever wanted to quilt… or do any number of different things… presents short information and instructions on it, in an entertaining way… yeah doesn’t make for a great post, but I like this site, so I thought I’d share. =)


Funny Stuff Again

i had this conversation with Grace, it’s like the Penny-Arcades, very funny i thought.

Nosliwc156: have you ever played Counter-Strike?
Nosliwc156: sigh….
AngeLuve16: haha, harvey plays it
AngeLuve16: I hate it
Nosliwc156: it rocks a monkey
Nosliwc156: does Harvey have an AIM name/
Nosliwc156: ?
AngeLuve16: cause he’ll sit there and play while I’m at his house =(
AngeLuve16: no, he doesn’t use AIM
Nosliwc156: lol, it is that enthralling
Nosliwc156: what a shame
Nosliwc156: it IS a great game though
AngeLuve16: he at least got smart and turned the volume down when we’re on the phone
Nosliwc156: despite your biased opinion
Nosliwc156: lol
AngeLuve16: the “fire on the hole!” was kind ofa dead giveaway that he wasn’t listening to me
AngeLuve16: but he studies all day now… no time for gracey or counterstrike =(
Nosliwc156: you’re making me laugh REALLY hard
Nosliwc156: reminds me of a comic that makes me laugh a lot
AngeLuve16: I don’t understand the appeal of the game
Nosliwc156: haha
AngeLuve16: and why they can’t learn to say other things…



I’m thinking about taking the password protection off of OliverWEB… as the original reasons for having it no longer exist really…



Hehe =)

Hehe, ok, please no one take offense to this, I still think George Bush was the best candidate (that made the end ballot) for the presidency, but… this is really funny =)

And if you want more, go to the authors page. =)


Our Comic!

Olivia and I have been working on a comic! Here’s a sample, this one, was done by Olivia (You can tell that, because theres talent in these drawings.) Btw, we still don’t have a title =) so… if you have any suggestions… hint hint