About Oliver Wong

Hey there! I’m Oliver Wong and you’ve found your way to my humble blog. I’ve been blogging on different iterations of this site since 1999. While I’ve gone through highs and lows of keeping it updated, I’ve yet to completely miss a year, so I’ll likely try to keep that up for the foreseeable future. =)

I graduated from UT Austin with a Computer Science degree in 2005, but that won’t help me explain cryptocurrency to you cause hells no. I’m most recently happily employed at Stripe which I suppose you’d think would help me explain the currency thing, but alas, you’d be pretty wrong.

My puppers is Mozilla, who is a very prissy shiba inu. Yep, that’s of the doge variety. And no, that doesn’t mean I can explain to you how dogecoins work. What’s your deal with cryptocurrency?! The happiest I’ve ever seen him is when he had a dying bird in his mouth, so he was probably some kind of tough guy murderer in a previous life that’s been forced into a fur ball of cute as punishment.

I enjoy photography, web-related nerdery, food, and video games (but not necessarily playing them). I’ve declared myself coiner of the phrase “meatcation.” I’m pretty sure this will eventually lead to being filthy rich and famous. I mean, I own meatcation.com, so that must mean something, right?

My usual alias on the internets is “Owiber” which makes me highly e-stalkable… I’m not sure of the origins of handle, but it’s essentially like how a baby would say my name. When I worked at Bazaarvoice (BV), I used to make test accounts as Owibver, which actually slightly improved how highly I thought of myself.

You can find me on other social networks at:

I enjoy making mockumentaries with friends and have a plethora of unmaintained sites dedicated to spreading blasphemies regarding them. Looking for ideas of what to do with viraj.fail. One of my favorite videos was our wedding gift to Andrew & Jen:

Really dramatic 80s/90s songs are really entertaining to me. I mean, really, there are seriously NIGHTS WHEN THE WIND WAS SO COLD. DAYS WHEN THE SUN WAS SO CRUEL. I like the color pink and I don’t care about your gender assumptions, or maybe I do and that’s why I like it… Apparently, ironically liking things is really appealing to me to the point where I’m not sure if I actually like something or just ironically like it. I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter why I like something though as long as it tickles my fancy.

If I can sucker a bunch of friends into a terribad movie, I’ll internally giggle to myself the whole time.

I’m Oliver! Bye!

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