About Oliver Wong (pre 2017)

This is the old version of About Oliver Wong. The most recent one is here.

I’m Oliver Wong and this is my humble blog. I went to UT Austin and graduated with a Computer Science degree. I am currently happily employed at Bazaarvoice Mass Relevance Spredfast Stripe. I enjoy photography, hanging out with friends, playing video games, web design and other similarly nerdy things. =) My usual online alias is “Owiber” and I don’t remember how I came up with that, but it’s pretty convenient.

I’m pretty easy-going most of the time. In high school, my English teacher told me to read out a passage (perhaps from a poem, I can’t remember), which I did, but then she requested I do it again because I wasn’t “angry enough.” I responded with “Ms. K, I’m not a very angry person” which made the whole class laugh because they knew it was true. There are, however, certain topics that will annoy me quite a bit, but I won’t go into those here for fear of them being used against me… ;-)

I play WoW with my friends and have a shaman with parents who named him while drunk on some stolen dwarven ale, Herthumpus and an albino druid who aspires to be famous like Bono: Albono.

I’m on the usual social networking sites, primarily driven out of boredom (except for flickr, which I generally enjoy using regardless). You can find me there here:

I have a habit of making mock sites dealing with my roommates. On Xanga, I live an alternate life of heart brokenness after the many years of abuse from my college roommate, Sam Ni. Xanga Owiber has gone through various phases in his sad life and is currently on a goth streak as far as I can tell, but has been rather silent as of late. I also maintain a very popular cough reporting site, AndrewApproved.com which is dedicated to my dear friend Andrew Joseph and all things that he loves loves loves. Finally, I created a Twitter account for my current roomy: JRyanFunSponge (updated by others in addition to myself).

“About Me” pages have gone through various iterations in my online timeline, here’re a few old ones:

From MrTechHappy (~2002):

“Oliver Wong is currently a Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin and likes to call his major, “Counter-Strike.” Having not a great deal of school pride, even in college, he is semi-phobic of swarms of orange which sometimes spring up from nowhere on weekends during the Fall semester. He’s the webdesigner and coder for MrTechHappy and has also been doing a majority of the artwork for the comics, basing them off of Brook’s original concepts.”

In my high school days, I used to be involved in various gaming fan sites, primarily focused around Command & Conquer games (specifically Tiberian Sun, which I think sucked when it actually came out… sigh). Someone I “worked” with wrote this about me.

I enjoy nostalgic things - movies, songs, etc. probably because I have been blessed with a wonderful life thus far. I consider myself a “memory pack-rat” and will occasionally go back and hunt through my digital archives and read old chat logs, browse old websites, view old photos, etc. I have a group of friends that have roots going back to middle school, which I am incredibly happy to have, a family that includes two sisters and a mom who are very loud, but I love regardless, and coworkers who I also very much like but am fond of pulling the “well, I’m hanging out with my friends tonight” card in a teasing manner.

My music taste plays to my affection for nostalgia and I enjoy much of the 80’s. I am also very fond of ridiculous love songs spanning the past few decades which I find ironic, but that also makes it more fun (much like my endearing thoughts on the color pink).

I’m overall somewhat on the shy side in real life, but I tend to open up a bit more online, so I hear. I enjoy group events, but also the occasional solo-time with a good friend. Usually perfectly fine with sitting in silence and/or people watching with the right company. My favorite movie is Transformers:

Transformers: The Movie

I’m single (as of this writing, at least), and not actively searching, but it’s been thought that I will meet my dream girl on a park bench as I solved my rubik’s cube… so if you see me frequenting public parks toting the iconic nerd puzzle in hand, I just might be searching again.

I think I’ve written way way way too much about myself now, so… cowabunga, dude.